Cambridge University Gliding Club shares an airfield and fleet at Gransden with the Cambridge Gliding Club (a non-student club). Members can fly any time they want - the airfield is operational seven days a week in summer and five days a week in winter - weather permitting (gliders will not fly in rain, snow, hail, cloud, fog, or strong wind).

Matt, CUGC member and current Christ's student, says:

"Come to the fresher's squash - it's the way to secure a trial flight. Each year the club will bring a glider to the university Freshers' Fair - it's 15 meters in size so hard to miss!

The CUGC holds a number of social events a year, mainly college formals. The sport is individual in nature but requires a team effort on the ground. It is likely the team is different each day - depends who shows up for duty, and it will be a mix with the public members."


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