Cycling for getting about

Many students at Christ's choose to bring a bike to college, as cycling is a quick and convenient way to get around Cambridge (especially for students whose faculties are further away from college). Unfortunately, bike theft is quite common in Cambridge so all students are advised to invest in a good bike lock, and a practical but non-flashy bike is best for getting around.

You can't cycle in College, but Christ's has bike racks close to the Hobson's Street side entrances, which is very convenient for getting in and out quickly. In the small courts by the Hobson

Cambridge University Cycling Club

If you want to do more than get about town, you might organise to cycle with a friend or get involved with one of the cycling clubs.

Cambridge University Cycling Club holds steady-pace and training rides on Saturday and Sunday mornings during term time, and competes in BUCS competitions and the annual Varsity time trial against Oxford. The club also organises weekend mountain biking trips. There are lots of options and groups for different paces from entry level to competitive so you should not hesitate to get involved if you want to, whatever your level