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The bulk of the cricket season is Easter term (the third term of the year) when the weather is warmer and we can play cricket outside. In preparation for this, the Christ's team holds weekly indoor nets sessions throughout Lent term (the second term of the year from Jan-March). These are held at Fenner's Indoor Cricket School and they are paid for using the JCR budget for the cricket team.

In Easter term there are outdoor nets sessions at our sports fields which we share with St. Catharine's College. This is also the time when we start playing competitive matches against other Colleges, with the highlight being the annual t20 Cuppers' tournament. Also, if we get into the final for Cuppers', this is held at Fenners (the Cambridge University Cricket Ground).

Cricket match - wide view with many players visible on large field
  Staff vs. students match at the sports fields

Our home matches are played on the cricket ground in our sports fields and our away matches are played on the other college's sports fields. We also play some friendly matches after exams finish. These range from matches against visiting corporate teams to the much-anticipated Students vs Staff match. These are all played on our own sports fields.

While some members of the team bring their own kit to practice sessions or matches, it is absolutely not necessary for students to have their own kit to be able to play. The Christ's cricket club has a vast amount of cricket kit that is available for all students to use.

In the 2021 season, although Cuppers' 2020 was cancelled as most students were at home in the Covid-19 pandemic, the cricket season continued pretty much as normal for students in Cambridge since cricket is a non-contact sport played outside.

University level cricket

There is also university-level cricket, which you can go for if you're a strong player (it's selective). Information about university level cricket is on the Cambridge University Cricket Club website and you can find the club at the University Freshers' Fair if you're interested.


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