James MeadeThe Nobel Prize-winning Economist James Meade, best known for his theory of international trade and international capital movements, was a Fellow of Christ's from 1930-31. 

We run an annual Year 12 James Meade Economics Taster Series each March with sample lectures and workshops, focusing on major current themes in Economics, as well as the legacy of James Meade. This event is an opportunity to explore what it is like to study Economics at Cambridge.

The series takes place online in March / April, and at the end there's an optional visit to Christ's for those who can get to Cambridge.

Applications have closed for the 2022 Taster Series. If you're in Year 11 (Y12 in Northern Ireland, S4 in Scotland), you can register interest here for the 2023 Economics Taster Series! We'll then send you an email when applications open.


This Taster Series is aimed at academically able students who meet all of the criteria below:

  • you are in Year 12, S5 (Scotland) or Y13 (Northern Ireland).
  • attend an academy, school or college that does not charge fees (to anyone).
  • are studying:
    • A level Mathematics AND Further Mathematics
    • IB Higher Level Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches
    • Scottish Higher Mathematics with the intention to continue Mathematics at Advanced Higher
  • are interested in exploring Economics beyond your standard school curriculum.

If you are taking a different Mathematics qualification and are unsure about your eligibility to apply for this event, please contact us for further information.

"It was an amazing taste of the variety and depth of knowledge that economics can cover and the lecturers were very friendly."

A previous participant, 2021

Theme and content

Our Economics Taster Series is themed around current issues in Economics, with lectures and workshops given by academics, a consideration of the work and legacy of James Meade, the chance to chat with current students studying Economics, and an guided tour of the College (online or in-person). Applications for Economics at Cambridge will also be discussed and there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

If you are interested in applying for this event, you might also like to look at the suggested Economics resources on our subject page.


Apply for a place on the Economics Taster Series

The 2022 Economics Taster Series has already taken place.

If you will start Year 12 (Year 13 Northern Ireland, S4 in Scotland) in September 2022, you can register interest here for the 2023 Economics Taster Series so that you receive an email with information when we open applications.


Practical detailsEconomics session

The Economics Taster Series is for students only (there are no sessions for parents & guardians). Exact dates for the 2023 Series will be published here nearer the time but the series normally takes place in March and April. For reference, the 2022 series had online sessions on Tuesdays 8, 15, 22 and 31 March (16:30-17:30) and an optional visit to Christ's College on Friday 8 April 2022.

The online sessions are normally camera on zoom meetings. Students should be on mute when not talking but will need to "unmute" themselves when invited to speak. There will also be some opportunities to participate by typing or answering polls etc. Sessions will not necessarily all be the same format as they will be lead by different academics and admissions staff, however participants will be expected to attend live and be ready to participate where appropriate (recordings are not provided afterwards). The first session will be introductory and will run through how to participate as well as other information relating to applying to Cambridge.

If you take the option to visit Christ's at the end of the series, note that visiting students are responsible for getting themselves to Cambridge, however we provide travel information and a map of the college (see below). For students travelling a long way, limited accommodation is normally available at Christ's on the night before the visit day on a first come, first served basis.

If you are in (or were previously in) Care, please read about the Care Travel Fund (eligibility criteria apply).


Comments from previous participants

We asked some of the previous participants what they would say to future students considering an application for the event. You can read what they said here.

"The taster series has allowed me to think critically about economics by encouraging me to ask questions during sessions and challenge certain theories/points presented by the academics."

A previous participant, 2021