A cold morning in First court

We asked some of the Christ's Economics Taster Day 2020 participants what they would say to future students considering an application for the event. Here's what they said!

  • "The Economics Taster Day was incredibly valuable and I am so grateful to have been able to have the opportunity to attend. The program included lectures and workshops which helped stimulate my interest within particular parts of Economics. Additionally, we were given the opportunity to speak to current Economics students who were keen to answer any questions we had about studying at Cambridge, from the vigour of the application process to a 'typical' day at Christ's College. I would definitely recommend that you apply."
  • "The taster day really helped me to understand the application of economics in real-world situations and is a great opportunity to explore the subject at university level which contrasts content learnt at GCSE/A-Level."
  • "This taster day was very helpful to me as someone who wanted to find out more about the course as well as the college itself and this opportunity gave me a good insight of what economics at Cambridge entails through the interesting lectures and workshops throughout the day."
  • "The Taster Day served as an excellent, accessible and enjoyable introduction to thinking about economics at a university level through the riveting lectures given. The current students who were involved with the program were also of great help in explaining the process and providing insight into studying economics at Christ's."
  • "The taster day was incredibly helpful and interesting. Not only did I learn about some economic principles taught at university, such as loss aversion, I also gained an insight into the application process and what makes a successful candidate. The range of talks allowed me to learn about a variety of different things and has inspired me to apply to Cambridge in the future."
  • "I found the taster day an invaluable experience. It gave me a great insight into what life at the University of Cambridge would be like. I would recommend this taster day for anyone considering applying to Cambridge to study Economics."

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