Information for students with a newly confirmed place

Students welcoming open day visitors at main gate

13 August:

Many congratulations on having your place at Christ's confirmed. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you all as new students here.

We're sorry that we can't spend more time with our successful offer holders in the next few days - obviously the Admissions Team are mainly busy with the remaining decisions, processes and support for students who have not had their places confirmed. There's a lot of work behind the scenes, especially this year, so please bear with us if we are slow on email replies for confirmed students during the rest of this week and early next week. You can help us greatly by waiting to receive your formal letter from the Senior Tutor, which will be sent to you in the week beginning 17 August (we'll confirm here when sent). Then, we'll then be sending your information pack in September - this is very comprehensive and will answer the vast majority of your practical questions.

Remember also that there's a facebook group for offer holders (see the information with your offer letter), where you can ask questions about life in College and get answers from current students, and in due course you'll also be assigned "College parents" (students in the years above) so that you can ask all the details you want to know about!

16 August:

We realise that a few of you who live close-ish to Cambridge may want to visit the College or show it to relatives now that your places are confirmed, and we're ever so sorry that this still isn't possible. The College is still closed to visitors and most staff are still working from home. We're so sorry as we know that a day trip to Cambridge is a really lovely thing to do when you're looking forward to the start of term. For now you'll have to visit the city more generally if you'd like to come, and we look forward to welcoming you properly in due course.

20 August:

Thank you for your ongoing patience with us - this remains an extraordinarily busy time in the Admissions Office, but in the meantime the Tutorial Office (which looks after current students) has preparations for your arrival well underway and we're very much looking forward to welcoming you. Do look at (and the link for new undergraduate students) for details of what to expect when. Many thanks!

24 August:

A note for those of you waiting for a Raven login for part of your course preparation: we're sorry to keep you waiting for this. Everything has been delayed by the A level results fall out. We've been told that accounts will be created late tomorrow, though so you should have the details you need soon (I don't know if it will be tomorrow or shortly after, but it will be soon). Thanks for your patience! Getting there...

The Stay Safe Cambridge Uni website launched today. This is important information - please take time to read it.

26 August:

Forms! Yesterday we emailed you with the College Families and Households Form to complete by 5 Sept (if you didn't receive it please check your spam/junk mail). Don't forget to also complete Dee's College Living Arrangements Form by 31 August. Many thanks.

27 August:

The deadline for Stormzy Scholarship applications (details below if you scroll down) has been extended to 6 September.

2 Sept:

Apparently the University has sent lots of freshers a registration email but you're struggling to do what they've asked you to do. Don't worry - there's some problem at this end. They know about it and they're sorting it out. No doubt you'll get another email in due course. Thanks to those who let us know!

3 Sept:

Sorry - the University tells me that they are still having technical problems at this end with your registration (same for freshers across the University). Best to leave trying for now, and I'm sure they'll be in touch again once they've got it sorted.

3 Oct:

Welcome to Christ's! All of us in admissions wish you all the best as you arrive, settle in and start your degree! It's a different welcome to normal this year, but we are delighted to welcome you into the community here and everyone will be doing their best to help you settle in.

Online information

Whilst you are waiting to receive the further information by post, there is also some helpful information on the following pages:

If you're from overseas, see also

  • Visa information (if relevant)
    For students who need a visa, the International Students Team say that they expect to process and send most CAS documents between Friday 14 August and Fri 21 August.

And, of course, if your offer is for 2021 (or 2022!) entry, the pages to keep an eye on over the next year are:

UK black students: Stormzy Scholarships

The Stormzy Scholarship is available again this year. It will provide two UK black students with a scholarship to cover fees and maintenance for up to four years of UG study. Applications are now open and the deadline for students to apply is Sunday 6 September 2020. Full information is available here.

That's all for now, congratulations again, and we look forward to welcoming you as a Christ's student.

My College Family really helped (like every first year I got two college parents from second year, along with two or three other freshers who were therefore my siblings!). It was so reassuring to have someone to ask those questions which you know are small but you still worry about.