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A number of our international applicants (many of whom study in much broader-based curriculums at school than in the UK) participate in exam-based International Science Olympiads as a way of developing skills in a particular area of science or maths. 

If you have been awarded an individual medal (i.e. Gold, Silver or Bronze) in an exam-based International Science Olympiad, please could you upload a pdf containing evidence of your award (normally the certificate, where available) by 3 November, following the precise instructions below. 

Who does not need to send evidence? 

Please bear in mind that these instructions only apply only to a very small number of applicants. It's a very specific request. Please do not send evidence at this stage if: 

  • you have been given a 'honorable mention' rather than a medal (medals are Gold, Silver, Bronze).

  • you have participated in a British Science Olympiad or another national Olympiad rather than an International Science Olympiad.
  • you've participated in a different competition that is not an Olympiad e.g. Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, UKMT Senior Maths Challenge.

In the cases above, please instead mention your achievement in your personal statement (or My Cambridge Application if you've already sent your UCAS application), and if selected for an an offer, you will need to send the evidence post-offer instead (we'll give you instructions at that stage).


How to send International Olympiad Individual Medal evidence

Dr Emily Tomlinson
Dr Emily Tomlinson at an open day

Please follow these steps to upload your medal evidence.

STEP 1: Please make your evidence document into a pdf file. The file should not be larger than 3MB. If you need help with scanning, we recommend that you ask a friend or relative who has a scanner, or ask your school.

STEP 2: Please save your pdf file with the file name in this specific format: 
2.2 - Subject (including biological or physical if Natural Sciences) - FAMILY NAME First name - Olympiad medal evidence - UCAS Personal ID (no dashes)

Here's a fictional example: for Johannes OHULI applying for Natural Sciences (Physical) with UCAS Personal ID 1590172454, the file name would be

  • 2.2 - Natural Sciences (Physical) - OHULI Johannes - Olympiad medal evidence - 1590172454

Please note that there is a space before and after each hypen and that there is a number at the beginning.

STEP 3: Please open the pdf on your computer. Scroll all the way through, checking that the document is all there and legible.

STEP 4: Please upload your pdf via the International Science Olympiad medal evidence upload tool.

If we have a problem opening the file, we'll let you know (as ever).

Thank you for your help in sending your International Science Olympiad medal evidence following our instructions - it helps us to process everything as efficiently and accurately as possible.

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