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Please get used to checking here before you write to us with a question - it may well be that someone else has asked the same thing! And if you do need to email us, please remember to start with your name, subject (including 'Biological' or 'Physical' if Natural Sciences), UCAS number and which country you are applying from so that we can respond efficiently. Many thanks!

Current questions

When will I hear the outcome of my application?

On Wednesday 24 January 2024. Please see Stage 6 for further and try to distract yourself with other things between now and then! No point in worrying.

Is there anything I need to do at this stage?

In most cases no, except for checking your emails in case we have a query or need to ask for more information on anything. Note that Christ's Admissions Office will be closed over Christmas and New Year so we won't be emailing you then.

For the small number who will receive exam results after 12 December (e.g. IB Winter sitting, Australian ATAR, English Language Test results if relevant), please send them to us (see Stage 6 for details).

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Subject-specific questions

None at the moment

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Questions about interviews and College assessments

None at the moment

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Questions from international applicants (outside the UK)

I have just received SAT scores. How should I send them to you?
Please upload a screenshot showing your scores (saved as a pdf file) or the statement that you get as an additional document and we will add them to your application. Please do not ask for a SAT transcript to be sent to Christ's College at this stage. They go to the central office and take ages to arrive - screenshots are fine and we will check the information later if you are made an offer.


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