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If there are extenuating circumstances other than Covid-19 disruption that have caused significant educational or home life disruption or disadvantage, it may be appropriate to have an online Extenuating Circumstances Form submitted by 22 October.

The online form should normally be completed by a teacher/tutor at your school/college. If that is not possible, other people who can complete the form are:

  • your doctor
  • a social worker

As an applicant, you can't complete an Online Extenuating Circumstances Form yourself.

Further detail is at the beginning of the form.

Covid-19 Educational Experience

Please don't submit an Extenuating Circumstances Form to explain your educational Experience relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. Instead please put the information in the Educational Experience Survey. Many thanks!

If you miss the Christ's 22 October deadline

We advise you to ensure that the person completing your online Extenuating Circumstances Form meets our 22 October deadline to ensure that the form is part of your application from the beginning and can be considered when deciding which applicants are invited for interview.

The ECF form will stop working shortly after the deadline (though probably not immediately after, so worth a try!), but once it has stopped working, referees can still email about any further circumstances. We do continue to accept information sent after 22 October, however please bear in mind that we can only consider information that is part of your application at the time it is read. Extenuating Circumstances information received later in the application process will be considered as part of post-interview decision-making for students invited for interview, and should be submitted at the earliest opportunity.


If you have a disability, Specific Learning Difficulty or long-term ilThree students chatting in Fellows' Gardenlness

There is another form to complete if you have a disability, Specific Learning Difficulty or long-term illness. Please see the information about the adjustments form (deadline also 22 October), which is needed from all students with a disability, Specific Learning Difficulty or long-term illness, whether or not you require adjustments.

  • Where appropriate, it is possible to complete both an Extenuating Circumstances Form and a disability, Specific Learning Difficulty and long-term illness form as they do different things - the ECF form is optional and tells us about any impact on your education to be taken into account when looking at your overall application, the disability, Specific Learning Difficulty or long-term illness form is required and gives us practical information and things we need to know in order to organise interviews and exercises appropriately.
  • We will only look at the Specific Learning Difficulty and long-term illness form and document when we are organising adjustments, so please ensure that the information needed is on that form, whether or not you are having an Extenuating Circumstances Form submitted.

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