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This page is part of the current applicants section at Christ's College, Cambridge.

If you have lived in UK local authority care, either with foster carers or in a children’s home (or in Scotland under a home supervision order), we need to know this. 

Questions about late emails? Please see the current questions page rather than emailing us.

How to let us know that you are in Care

1) Tell us that you are in Care in your application

There is a question for care leavers in the UCAS application. If you have been in care, please tick the box on your UCAS application. 

Information on the UCAS website for care-leavers

2) Email us by 2 November

Please email as soon as possible, and by 2 November at the latest, if you have been in UK authority care and did not tick the box in your UCAS application. Please remember to start your email with the details that we need: your name, subject and UCAS number. Many thanks!


Overview: Deadlines

Date What
16 October (18:00 UK time) Deadline for UCAS application (please tick the box to say you've been in care)
23 October (23:59 UK time) Extenuating Circumstances form (if relevant)
2 November (23:59 UK time) If you didn't tick the box on your UCAS form, please email us to let us know that you are in care by 2 November

Stage 3: 2 Nov deadlines / Current applicants page / Subject information