At Christ's College we have a strong track record in teaching Medicine. We have five Fellows and six Bye-fellows in subjects covered by the Medical Course, giving us a wide breadth of teaching expertise.

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Directors of Studies:

Number of offers each year: 14 (Christ's is one of the larger Colleges for Medicine)

University websites:

The University accepts around 280 students per year for Medicine. Lectures, practical classes and examinations, organised by the University, are the same for every student reading Medicine at Cambridge regardless of their college. On this page you will find the following information for applicants for Medicine at Christ's College:

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Why come to Christ's College?

Each student at Cambridge will also be a member of one of the Cambridge Colleges. Colleges are responsible for admitting students, providing accommodation and social facilities, and personal and academic support - including ‘supervisions’ (small group teaching sessions).

At Christ’s we accept 14 students each year, giving us a total of 42 medical students in the three pre-clinical years. So why come to Christ’s to study Medicine? We are a medium sized College, making it easy to get to know students, staff and fellows but also offering space for peace and quiet. Being just over 500 years old we have beautiful buildings - but modern facilities in all the important areas! Our College staff are helpful and supportive and our community is a friendly one. We are located in the centre of town, close to the lectures halls for medical courses (5-10 minutes' walk).

We are able to offer accommodation to all undergraduates for three years. There is an active Christ's Medical Society that organises social functions, such as an annual dinner and garden party. The College can provide travel awards to clinical students for Electives, and College prizes are available in Medicine, as in all subjects, for the recognition of academic excellence. The College has a modern library, a theatre, sporting facilities, playing fields, social activities, and clubs and societies open to all.

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Christ's & the University Preclinical Medical Course

Cambridge Medical students study preclinical courses in year one (Part IA) and year two (Part IB), and then complete a BA by reading one subject in more detail in the third year (Part II). Fellows in Medical Sciences at Christ’s have affiliations with the major teaching departments and/or the Clinical School, making it easy for us to access course information, find suitable supervisors for any subjects that we do not cover ourselves and advise students on options for Part IB and Part II.

The Director of Studies in Preclinical Medicine, advises students at Part I and Part II and oversees supervision arrangements for Christ’s Medical students. At Part I, students have one supervision per week for each course, providing regular, direct access to academic support in all subjects.

University courses and College supervisions at Part IA:

  • Physiology (Homeostasis) – supervised by David Thomas and colleagues
  • Anatomy (Functional Architecture of the Body) – supervised by Jonathan Gillard and Tomasz Matys
  • Biochemistry (Molecules in Medical Science) – supervised by David Webster

University courses and College supervisions at Part IB:

  • Pharmacology (Mechanisms of Drug Action) – supervised by Andrew Stewart and Mike Edwardson
  • Neurobiology of Human Behaviour – supervised by Mary-Ellen Lynall and colleagues
  • Pathology (Biology of Disease) – supervised by Helena Browne and colleagues
  • Human Reproduction – supervised by Isabel Huang-Doran and colleagues

At Part II, students may choose from a plethora of courses within the School of Biological Sciences and have the opportunity to carry out research projects or to write a dissertation. Alternatively, students may take courses offered by Departments outside the Biological Sciences, e.g. History and Philosophy of Science, Management Studies, etc.

At the end of each preclinical year, Medical students sit exams set by the University departments. Each exam has two components:

  1. Second MB exams are pass/ fail exams that must be completed to an acceptable standard in order to progress with the Medical course. They usually consist of multiple choice, short answer and / or practical questions.
  2. Tripos exams (which usually include essays) will determine the class of your degree performance each year (e.g. First, Upper Second, Lower Second, Third).

At Christ’s most supervisors organise a ‘mock’ exam at the start of the Lent term so that students can monitor their progress and get a feel for the questions they will face in the real exam.

Throughout the preclinical training, Medical students have the opportunity to develop their clinical skills through the 'Preparing for Patients' (PfP) course. The Director of Studies in Clinical Medicine is available to advise students at Part I and Part II on PfP.

Clinical Medicine

After three years pre-clinical training, all Cambridge Medicine students will normally proceed from pre-clinical to clinical training in Cambridge. The Cambridge clinical medicine course involves a three-year training program leading to degrees of Bachelor of Medicine (MB) and Bachelor of Surgery (B Chir). The emphasis during the Clinical Studies in Cambridge is on learning in clinical settings: at the bedside, in outpatient clinics and in GP surgeries, which is supported by seminars, tutorials and discussion groups.

Third year Medical students advise the second years on the different options for Part II

Who we are

Directors of Studies:

Other Fellows in Medicine:

Bye-Fellows in Medicine:


Student Profiles

Current medical students at Christ's have written about their different experiences studying Medicine in their student profiles:

If you would like to read more accounts from Christ's students, please see the student profiles page.


How to apply to study Medicine at Christ’s

Do read the how to apply page for details of the application deadlines, forms and the application process. The following details supplement this with information specific to Medicine applications. 

We welcome applicants from all backgrounds and school types, all over the world. If you will be applying from outside the UK, we recommend that you also read our dedicated section for international students.

Subject requirements

At Christ's College, we require applicants for Medicine to take A-level/ IB Higher Level Chemistry (or equivalent) plus two further subjects out of Biology / Mathematics* / Physics.

*International Baccalaureate applicants starting the new IB Mathematics syllabus should take IB Higher Level 'Analysis and Approaches' for the Maths option. 

It is also very important to read the whole of the 'entry requirements' tab in the Medicine course information on the University Admissions website carefully before applying as there are a number of restrictions and details that you need to be aware of.

BMAT (Pre-interview Admissions Assessment)

All applicants for Medicine at Cambridge must sit the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) in school or some other approved centre.

When applying, it is important to be aware of the registration and test dates:

  • All Medicine applicants applying in 2019 must be registered to take the BMAT by 18:00 UK time on 1 October 2019. Please read how to register on the BMAT website.
    Please note that open centres may set an earlier deadline for accepting entries, and it is your responsibility to check if this applies at your centre.
  • All Medicine applicants applying in 2019 sit the BMAT on 30 October 2019.

BMAT Preparation advice is given on the BMAT website, whilst further details are given in the Medicine course information (entry requirements tab).

Some students prefer to take the BMAT on an alternative date in August, but note that this is not available in all areas, and that you can only sit the BMAT once. If the August BMAT sitting is of interest, see the alternative date information on the BMAT website. 


After the BMAT results are published, applicants invited for interview in Cambridge are usually interviewed in early December. Normally you will have two interviews on the same day. These will be academic interviews with College Fellows and Bye-Fellows in Medical Sciences (including the Directors of Studies). In the interviews, we will be considering how applicants solve problems and apply their skills and knowledge, rather than testing factual knowledge. We will also be looking for evidence that you have the necessary skills to practice clinical Medicine. The interviews section on the Cambridge admissions website has further information and two useful films. Interviews will typically last 15-30 minutes. 

Further, more general information about interviews (including two useful films) is available in the Cambridge interviews section. We also hold interviews in a number of locations overseas. If this may be relevant for you, please see the international students section


At Christ's we admit 14 students for Medicine each year. For those selected for a conditional offer at Christ’s, the typical offer for Medicine is A*A*A at A-level in three science subjects or mathematics including Chemistry, 42 points in the International Baccalaureate, with 7,7,6 at Higher Level including Chemistry, or the equivalent for other examination systems.  If you will have already finished school when you apply, please see the page for post-qualification applications

If you will have already finished school when you apply, please see the page for post-qualification applications.

Medical students also need to meet the University's pre-medical requirements, including a satisfactory enhanced Disclosure and Barring check (or equivalent). More information is available in the Medicine course information under Entry Requirements. 


Preparing for the BMAT Preparation resources including practice papers and films
BMAT section 2 preparation resource A free online resource with example questions from the science specification
HE+ Medicine resources If you're applying to university, this site helps you explore Medicine topics beyond the school curriculum
Preparartory reading and basic science concepts Key terms and concepts which all lecturers in the main first year medical courses will expect you to be at least familiar with
Gresham College Medicine lectures Lectures available online


Further information

If you are able to come to a College Open Day, we will be glad to tell you more about Christ's and studying Medicine here in person. If you are not able to come, please feel free to email any queries you have to the Christ's admissions team:

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