Visiting Christ's (unfortunately not possible at the moment)

This page sets out the details for prospective students visiting alone or with a family member or two.

Wisteria in first court
  Wisteria and the circular lawn in First Court.
  Credit: Sir Cam.
Important update - College closed
Christ's College is currently closed to visitors due to the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to visit as a prospective student until further notice. Please feel free to send us emails, however - we are very friendly and will be happy to help you via email.

Whilst you can't visit, we have a College map, which you might like to look at, and there is a page on our facilities.

We recommend that you read some of the student profiles to find out more about living and studying here (and to see more pictures!), and we also have a self-guided tour of Christ's, which was designed for people walking around, but may be useful to read nonetheless!