For Students

Students generally use material from the Working Library for their study requirements, but students can also consult (and, in some cases, borrow) materials from the Music Hire Library, Lower Old Library, Old Library, and Archives.

student reading

The Working Library

  • Members of the College have 24-hour access to the Working Library with their university cards. Library staff are available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Books can be borrowed at any time.


  • The Working Library comprises the Arthur Peck Reading Room (Floor 1), the Group Study Room (Mezzanine Floor), the Bookstacks (Floors 2 and 3), and the Law Library.


  • We aim to provide the required texts and background materials for Tripos Parts I and II (found in the Reading Room and Bookstacks).


The Reading Room

  • The Reading Room provides seating for approximately 60 readers, while the Group Study Room provides seating for an additional 16.


  • In the Reading Room, we have a 'Reference' section that includes Cambridge University examination papers, encyclopaedias, and dictionaries.


  • We also have a 'General Interest' section consisting of popular biographies, fiction, poetry, cookbooks, personal health, travel, and study skills books, and a growing selection of DVDs.


The Law Library

  • The Law Library is situated off First Court and is only accessible by card access to law students. It provides 12 reading spaces and is a reference collection of law reports, journals, and statutes. Law texts available for borrowing are located on Floor 2 of the Working Library.


The Old Library

  • If a book you require is labelled 'Lower Old Library', don't worry! These books are available (sometimes for reference, but sometimes for borrowing) but require a member of staff to fetch the item(s) for you.


  • You may consult material labelled 'Old Library' following discussion with library staff. We are also happy to allow you to bring visitors to the Old Library (it's a great place to show off to friends and visiting family), but please give us at least 24 hour notice!


Other Libraries