Computers & Printing

During term time, drop-in and by-appointment IT support is available in the Library IT Support Office (next to the Print Room on the Mezzanine Floor of the Library). This service operates 9:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.


The "Christs" wireless network is available throughout the College, including the Library.



There are six MCS (Managed Cluster Service) computers in the Reading Room, two further terminals on the landing outside the Library entrance, and a Quick Print MCS computer in the Print Room.

A dedicated terminal for the library catalogue iDiscover is also available, just inside the library entrance.



Printing, scanning, and photocopying facilities are available in the Print Room (located on the Mezzanine). To print or make photocopies you will need to set up a print account.

Add Money  to your printing balance:

If you are using your own laptop you will need to connect to the College printing system, called DS-Print. Guidance on connecting your laptop to the College printers:    There are different instructions depending on whether you are using a Windows computer, or a Mac.


Costs of printing are: 




Black and white






Scanning is free to email addresses


Double-sided printing and copying are available. You get a 20% discount per page if you go for double-sided.


Printers available in the library


Christs-Lib BW/COL

M855 printer

Prints immediately in Printing Room.


LaserJet500 printer

Printing needs to be released in the Printing Room with cam card or Raven password

Christs-Sharp- Findme


Printing needs to be released in the Printing Room with cam card or Raven password


There is a computer in the Printing Room which connects to all printers for printing. Just press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to login onto your profile, and then send your job to print .



Library IT Support Office 


During term, IT support is normally available 9.30am-4.30pm Monday-Friday in the Library IT Support Office, located on the Library’s Mezzanine. You can also email to make an appointment with a member of the College’s IT team, if they are temporarily unavailable in the library.

IT Support Disability Assistance

The Library IT Support Office, located on the Library’s Mezzanine (top floor). The top floor has some accessibility issues like a narrow corridor and lift access only during staff hours. Please contact IT support by email  or library staff for alternative arrangements.