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This page is part of the Christ's College additional application support for students applying from outside the UK.

Within 48 hours of submitting your UCAS application, you will receive an email with the log-in details for an additional questionnaire called My Cambridge Application (it used to be called the SAQ so don't be confused if you see references to this). This is because we do not write the UCAS questions and will need additional information from you for your Cambridge application.

In all cases, My Cambridge Application can only be worked on after your UCAS application, so focus on that first (though do read through this page including things to prepare for in advance and the deadline details and advice).

The My Cambridge Application deadline is 23 October 2023 (18:00 UK time). We advise you to complete this element of the process well in advance of this deadline.


Things to prepare for in advance

In most cases, as a student from outside the UK, you will need to have a transcript saved on your computer as a pdf which you will be asked to upload in one of the questions on My Cambridge Application. This is to ensure that we have equivalent information from you to the information that we receive from students in the UK. It can take time to get hold of your transcript so do make sure you prepare for this in advance so that you have the pdf saved ready. The information is in the link.

You will also be asked to upload a digital photograph. This should be a head and shoulders, passport style photograph, and again, if you can have it saved ready, that will help when the time comes to upload it. Note that you are asked not to wear glasses in the picture. There are details for what is needed on page 11 of the Guide.

For most students applying from outside the UK there is an application fee of £60 which you pay when you submit your My Cambridge Application. You will not need to pay this fee if you are applying from the UK, Crown Dependencies (the Channel Islands and Isle of Man), Ireland or a country listed in the fee waiver list.


Additional personal statement advice

There's a box where you can add a brief additional personal statement if you want to. This is because your UCAS personal statement is read by all UK universities you are applying to and there may be things you want to say that only Cambridge reads. This is particularly relevant if there are differences in the courses you are applying to at different universities (e.g. if you are applying for Biology elsewhere but Natural Sciences at Cambridge).

If you are happy with the UCAS personal statement, don't feel that you need to complete this box - you won't be marked down if you don't write anything - it is genuinely just an opportunity to say something for students who felt limited by other universities reading the UCAS statement.

Webinar: Personal Statements and preparing an application
This is one of the Christ's Regular Webinars  
It runs from Spring until early August each year.

If you're reading this after August, see instead
the university-wide Applicant Webinar Series
It includes a Personal Statements webinar.
NB. If the session time does not suit your time zone,
it will be available on the page to watch as a recording.

Help with My Cambridge Application

There is guidance on the Cambridge Admissions website to help you complete your My Cambridge Application questionnaire as well as a  helpdesk to contact with any questions you have whilst completing the form. Please see your log-in email for details.

My Cambridge Application helpdesk:

The helpdesk is specialised for My Cambridge Application, and so the advisers there are the best people to help if you have any queries that you have not been able to find the answer to in the links above (for My Cambridge Application questions please email the helpdesk rather than Christ's).


Deadline: 23 October 2023 (18:00 UK time)

All applicants must submit My Cambridge Application and pay the application fee (if relevant) by 18:00 UK time on 23 October. Like the UCAS application deadline, this is an absolute deadline - you have not made a valid application if you do not meet it.

We strongly advise you not to leave your My Cambridge Application questionnaire to the last minute - if you have a problem this could have serious consequences so why risk it? Unfortunately we are not able to consider applications unless My Cambridge Application is submitted and the application fee paid by the deadline.

If you are applying for Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Medicine or Natural Sciences, please take into account your Written Assessment date which is just before the My Cambridge Application deadline (18 October 2023). TIP: We advise that if you submit your UCAS application and My Cambridge Application nice and early, this will give you space to focus on your written assessment and it will make the process less stressful for you.


If you don't receive a log-in email

If you do not receive your log-in email when you expect to (you should have it within 48 hours of UCAS application submission, but it is not normally immediate), please first of all check the spam / junk / promotions folders in your email and contact the helpdesk ( if you can't find it.


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