After you have made your UCAS application, you will receive an email with the log-in details for an additional questionnaire called My Cambridge Application (it used to be called the SAQ so don't be confused if you see references to this). This is because we do not write the UCAS questions and will need additional information from you for your Cambridge application.

In all cases, My Cambridge Application can only be worked on after your UCAS application, so focus on that first (though do read about the things to be prepared for in advance).

The My Cambridge Application deadline is 22 October 2022 (18:00 UK time)

Things to be prepared for in advance

In most cases, you will need to have a transcript saved on your computer as a pdf which you will be asked to upload in one of the additional questionnaire questions. It can take time to get hold of your transcript so do make sure you prepare for this in advance so that you have the pdf saved ready. The information is in the link.

Help with My Cambridge Application

There is guidance on the Cambridge Admissions website to help you complete My Cambridge Application - this is normally available from August. There is a helpdesk to contact with any questions you have whilst completing the form:


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