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This page is part of the Christ's College additional application support for non-UK prospective students.

Do I need to send a results breakdown?

We ask applicants who have taken one or more AS levels and/or A levels to send a document showing the breakdown of your results by 22 October. This is so that we can see exactly what you achieved within each of your grades, where this information is available.

A breakdown is normally available for AS and A level results and occasionally a breakdown is available in other qualification systems too.

What should the results breakdown show?

Depending on exactly which AS and/or A levels you have taken, your A level breakdown may show 'Percentage Uniform Marks', 'Raw scores' or 'UMS'. You may need to ask a teacher to provide any breakdown scores that you don't have, as often the breakdown is not printed on the results statement that you receive as a student. 

The documents you could send to show your breakdown(s) are: 

  • One or more results statements if the breakdown is printed on it / them.
  • A certified* document from your school setting out the breakdown of your results.
  • A legible printout or screenshot of your results that your school has certified*.

*A certified copy is one which has been signed, stamped and dated by your school to confirm that the details are correct.

In preparation for the application period, it is a good idea to obtain your results breakdown (if a breakdown is available) and save it as a pdf on your computer. The overall file size must not exceed 3MB.


How is the results breakdown different to the transcript?

  • The transcript shows your grades whereas the results breakdown shows the scores achieved within each grade
  • The transcript is uploaded via an additional questionnaire question whereas the results breakdown is normally sent to us directly (see below).
  • Some students may need to send a transcript but not a results breakdown. Others may need to send a results breakdown but not a transcript.

How to send your results breakdown (after 20 September)

To send your results breakdown, you will first of all need it saved as one pdf file. The overall file size must not exceed 3MB.

On 20 September the current applicants section will be published with all of the details for the current admissions period. This will include a page about sending your results breakdown with instructions for how to upload it. Please do not send a results breakdown by email until the Current applicants Results breakdown page has been published and you have read the instructions for uploading it.

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