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Do I need to send a transcript?

First of all, please check this flowchart to see whether in your case a transcript is needed as part of your application.

What exactly is a transcript - what should it show?

If you will need to send a transcript please see the information about transcrips and example transcripts available on the university website:

In preparation for the admissions period, it is a good idea to obtain your transcript and save it as a pdf on your computer. The overall file size must not exceed 3MB.

If you are applying from a university and have already taken exams as part of your course then, in addition to your high school transcript, you will also need a university transcript showing the exams you have taken so far. If you are at university but have not taken any exams yet, then you will only need a high school transcript (though you will also need to provide curriculum details for your unviersity studies). Please read about applying from a university.

How to send your transcript

  • To send your transcript, you will need it saved as one pdf file. The overall file size must not exceed 3MB.
  • One of the My Cambridge Application questions will ask you to upload your transcript. The deadline will be 22 October in the year you apply.


"Students from overseas need to translate transcripts, recommendations etc. and this needs time."

Advice from a previous international applicant