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Do I need to send a transcript?

First of all, please check this flowchart to see whether in your case a transcript is needed as part of your application.

What exactly is a transcript - what should it show?

If you will need to send a transcript there is both information about this and examples available on the university website:

In preparation for the admissions period, it is a good idea to obtain your transcript and save it as a pdf on your computer. The overall file size must not exceed 3MB (there's a pdf creation guide).

If you are applying from a university, please also read this information.

How to send your transcript

  • To send your transcript, you will need it saved as one pdf file. The overall file size must not exceed 3MB.
  • One of the My Cambridge Application questions will ask you to upload your transcript.


"Students from overseas need to translate transcripts, recommendations etc. and this needs time."

Advice from a previous international applicant