The Secrets of Life: Scientists, Mathematicians, & the Hunt for Answers

This exhibition examined the ground-breaking work in medical sciences, astronomy, and mathematics that has led to our modern understanding of what life is and how to maintain it. While we featured treasured texts such as our first editions of Galileo’s Siderus Nuncius (containing the first published observations of the heavens through a telescope) and of Darwin’s On the Origin of the Species, we also exhibited never-before-displayed material from former students and academic staff that displayed their pioneering work in fighting disease and in processing DNA, increasing our comprehension of the building blocks of life. Under "The Secrets of Life Online", there is an interactive online version of the exhibition.

As the exhibition fortuitously coincided with celebrations of the 40th anniversary of female students being admitted to Christ's, we also reached out to female science alumnae to learn about their experiences; these are curated below in a presentation entitled "Profiles in Science".

The Secrets of Life Online
Advertising poster for the exhibition titled The Secrets of Life: Scientists, Mathematicians, & the Hunt for Answers

This exhibition ran from 28 November 2018 until 27 April 2019.

To view the interactive, online version of the exhibition, please click 'Present' on the widget below and select the full screen option in the bottom right-hand corner. Use the arrows at the bottom of the screen (or the arrow keys on your keyboard) to navigate our online exhibition. Full screen viewing is recommended!

For those who are interested in Nicholas Saunderson (The Blind Mathematician), please click 'Present' and then 'Quantity' to learn more about him and the musical about him (No Horizons)!

Profiles in Science

Click to view the presentation of science alumnae of Christ's College.

First slide for Profiles in Science