Past Exhibitions

Exhibitions are among the best ways of publicising and showcasing our library's collections, and thus of bringing them to a wider audience, which is part of our College's mission. Over the years our exhibitions have covered a wide range of subjects - exploration, the supernatural, former College masters, science and religion, and so on - and while most of the materials in them have been sourced from our own collections, sometimes we have also borrowed material from other libraries, individuals, and institutions. This has enabled us to create unique events that have attracted large numbers of visitors.

Some of our previous exhibitions have been converted into online presentations, which you can access by clicking on the links to individual exhibitions provided on the menu bar at the right of this screen. We have online versions of the following:

  • Poetry and Place in Cambridge
  • Here be Dragons! Mapping Lands Near & Far
  • The Secrets of Life
  • The Theater of Plants
  • Christ's at War
  • Past Masters
  • Treasures of the Old Library

We hope you enjoy them!

Clicking on the titles of our other exhibitions will bring you to a general informational page, but not to an online presentation.