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This page is for prospective students who are studying at home.

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We have learning and enrichment resources for each subject on the relevant subject page, many of which can be used from home - please click on the links below.

With so many of you studying from home at the moment and looking for resources, we are adding to the resources listed below at the moment, so do come back to this page if you would like to check for further suggestions.

Resources organised by Cambridge course

Course Overlap with interests
Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic History, Literature, Languages

Classics, Geography, History, Social Sciences

Architecture Art, Sociology, Maths
Asian & Middle Eastern Studies Languages, Literature, History, Politics
Classics Literature, History, Philosophy, Art
Computer Science Maths, Physics
Economics Maths, Social Sciences, History
Education English, Psychology, Sociology
Engineering Maths, Physics
English Literature
Geography Environment, Sociology
History Economics, Sociology, Politics
History & Modern Languages Culture, Film, Literature
History & Politics International Studies
History of Art Architecture
Human, Social & Political Sciences Sociology, Politics, International Relations, Social Anthropology
Land Economy Geography, Law, Environment, Economics
Law History, Sociology
Linguistics Languages, Psychology
Mathematics Physics
Medicine Biology, Chemistry
Modern & Medieval Languages Literature, Culture, Film, History, Sociology, Art, Philosophy
Music History
Natural Sciences Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Philosophy Maths, History
Psychological & Behavioural Sciences Biology
Theology, Religion & Philosophy of Religion Philosophy, Literature


Support & Enrichment resources organised by A level (or equivalent) subject (where available)

Since so many schools are closed, this is a new section bringing together resources to help if you are working on your school subjects. We realise that not all of you will have chosen a university course yet, and even if you have, in some cases you will have school subjects that are not supported by the resources on the subject pages linked above. Our main advice is to work hard on all materials that your school sets for you, but we hope that the resources below will help if you are looking for further material / enrichment.

Due to how fast things have been moving during the Coronavirus pandemic, this is still a work in progress - we are continuing to add resources from week to week. Thank you for your patience if there is no or not much material for one or more of your subjects yet.

Subject Resources
Biology Biology A level resources on Seneca
Biology Big Picture Biology resource collection (Wellcome Trust)
Biology (USA AP Biology) Khan Academy resources for USA High School Biology and USA AP Biology
Chemistry Chemistry A level resources on Seneca
Chemistry Isaac Chemistry

Atmospheric Chemistry: Planets and Life Beyond Earth (University of Leeds)

Chemistry (USA AP Chemistry) Khan Academy resources for USA High School Chemistry and USA AP Chemistry
Classical Civilisation Classics for all
Classical Civilisation Rogue Classicism Podcast
Classical Civilisation Perseus - Greek and Latin texts with English translations
Computer Science Isaac Computer Science
Economics AQA Economics past papers & mark schemes

Free Online Courses from The Open University, such as:

English Exploring Thomas Hardy's Far from the Madding Crowd
English Exploring Virginia Woolf's Between the Acts
English Reading Shakespeare's As You Like It
English Approaching Poetry
English Approaching Literature: Reading Great Expectations
English Cambridge English Virtual Classroom
English Approaching Shakespeare (Oxford University)
English Royal Shakespeare Company productions available to watch here and here on BBC iPlayer
French Multikultura from the University of Cambridge
French The grammar section of Français Interactif
French TV5 Monde Langue Français section, including Apprendre Français
Geography Time for Geography (films)
German Multikultura from the University of Cambridge

Deutsche Welle
(Guide: GCSE learners likely to be less than B1; A level learners should aim to reach approx B2 level at the end of the A level course)

German Nachrichen leicht
German Project Gutenberg German texts including Kafka's Die Verwandlung and Heine's Buch der Lieder.
German Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Gut! Interactive activities

German Grimm Grammar 
Government & Politics

Free courses from the Open University such as:

Or FutureLearn, such as The Modern Judiciary

Government & Politics Gresham Politics Lectures
Government & Politics Learning Resources from the UK Parliament
Government & Politics US Government and Politics YouTube series
Government & Politics

Podcast series from the Richardson Institute, Lancaster University

LSE podcast

History The French Revolution
History Cambridge History virtual classroom
History of Art Helen Langdon's 'Caravaggio'
History of Art 19th Century Art Worldwide - biannual online journal of 19thC visual culture
History of Art Eyes on Art - online activities
History of Art HENI Talks
History of Art Metropolitan Museum of Art Chronologies
History of Art Study Skills and other learning resources from the Courtauld Institute of Art
Latin (& Greek) Textkit - includes language learning resources for everyone from beginners to those more advanced
Maths & Further Maths AMSP Maths resources and Further Maths resources
Maths & Further Maths MEI (Maths Education) resources for students studying at home
Maths & Further Maths NRICH: Adventures with Complex Numbers
Maths & Further Maths

I want to study Engineering (see order by topic)

Maths & Further Maths (STEP Preparation) STEP Support Programme (including weekly assignments)
Maths (USA AP Calculus BC) AP Calculus BC resources on Khan Academy
Maths (USA AP Statistics) AP Statistics resources on Khan Academy
Music Gresham Music Lectures
Music BBC Radio 3 Discovering Music
Music Discovering Music: Early 20th Century (British Library: articles, digitized manuscripts, teaching resources and sound recordings, to explore key musical works from the early 20th century)

Watch free online performances:


Music-related podcasts (links to iTunes - those also available on Spotify in bold):

Music Music Faculty YouTube channel
Philosophy The Philosophical Society (blog-type site)
Philosophy In Our Time Philosophy Podcasts
Philosophy Ir/rational Redux - a logic game
Philosophy Podcasts from the Faculty of Philosophy
Philosophy The Partially Examined Life - Philosophy-based blog and podcasts
Physics Issac Physics
Physics I want to study Engineering (see order by topic)
Physics Physics A level resources on Seneca
Physics (USA AP Physics) Khan Academy resources for USA High School Physics; AP Physics 1 and AP Physics II
Psychology Psychology A level resources on Seneca
Psychology A-Level revision resources and essay writing resources on Simply Psychology
Psychology Future Learn Introduction to Cognitive Psychology online course
Psychology (USA AP curriculum) Crash Course YouTube series
Religious Studies Gresham Religion Lectures
Religious Studies In Our Time podcast from BBC R4
Religious Studies BBC Religion and Ethics
Religious Studies The Religious Studies Project
Religious Studies Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion (Oxford) lectures on YouTube
Religious Studies Ecclesiastical History Society blog
Religious Studies BBC R4 Beyond Belief podcast
Sociology A-Level Sociology learning and revision resources on SociologyStuff and Sociology Central

Free online courses from FutureLearn, such as:


Free online courses from The Open University such as:


Sociology-themed podcasts:

Spanish Multikultura from the University of Cambridge
Spanish Spanish Grammar Survival Kit
Spanish Centro Virtual Cervantes reading and comprehension resources - short stories with activitiesfurther short stories  and Quijote en el aula
Spanish Centro Virtual Cervantes - activities for all levels, and interactive games and tasks (all levels)


Further suggestions

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