Financial Support

As well as cheaper living costs, both the University and Christ’s College make money available to students in financial support to aid your time here. Some of this is paid on the basis of financial need, some as a result of achievement while at Cambridge. Christ's is committed to providing financial support to our students so that they do not have to worry unduly about money and can concentrate on getting the most out of their time at Cambridge.

This page sets out the financial support for UK students. If you are from outside the UK and will have EU or overseas fee status, please see the international financial support page instead. 

Please also see the information about UK government financial support.

Cambridge Bursaries 

The University offers one of the most generous bursary schemes in the country. Eligibility is based on your household income, and there is a sliding scale so that those who are not eligible for the full amount, may nonetheless qualify for a partial bursary. The amount you receive is worked out on a sliding scale but is a grant that you do not ever have to pay back.

Currently a full Cambridge Bursary is worth £3,500 a year, which is awarded to students with a household income of up to £25,000. Students with a household income between  £25,000 and £42,620 also receive a Cambridge Bursary, the value of which is calculated on a sliding scale. Some elements of the Cambridge Bursary are under review for 2020 entry, but full details will be published on the Cambridge Bursary Scheme website, once available.


Christ’s bursaries, prizes, humanities funds and hardship grants

The college gives many thousands of pounds each year to its students in support of their studies and in recognition of their achievements.

Prizes are available for current students, especially those who do well in exams but we also have awards for those who excel in the sporting arena.

There are numerous awards available to support students’ study, especially for those who need to travel to undertake research. There are also awards available for music and art.

There is a small book grant for first year students (electronic books are included in the scheme, as well as paperbacks and hardbacks, new or second-hand). 

The College has a dedicated humanities fund to support:

  • students doing humanities subjects.
  • students from any subject who are working on a project in the performing arts, visual arts, writing or composition (small grants are available to help with the costs of materials, lessons, courses, or other projects).
  • students from any subject taking a short language course at the University Language Centre (short, intensive courses are available and students can apply to have 50% of the course fee refunded).

The college and university also have hardship grants to support those students whose financial circumstances change dramatically during the course of the academic year.

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