The Charles Darwin Sculpture Garden was opened in 2009 to commemorate the Darwin Bicentenary. This peaceful garden takes you on a botanical voyage through Darwin's time on the HMS Beagle. It contains a bronze sculpture of a young Darwin perched on a bench (representing Darwin at the time he was a student, discovering his passion in Biological Sciences). Fittingly, the Darwin sculpture was created by another talented Christ's alumnus, sculptor Anthony Smith.

The garden is planted with a selection of plants that Darwin would have encountered on his botanical voyages on the ship HMS Beagle. Examples include Kniphofia uvaria ‘Nobilis’ and Echium pininana. Keep a look our for Baines (the black College cat) as this space is one of his favouirte places.


The Fellows' Garden / Milton's Mulberry Tree / Hobson's Conduit / Darwin room / Darwin Portico / First Court