The Charles Darwin Sculpture Garden was opened in 2009 to commemorate the centenary of Darwin's birth and the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Origin of Species. This peaceful garden takes you on a botanical voyage through Darwin's time on the HMS Beagle. It contains a bronze sculpture of a young Darwin perched on a bench (representing Darwin at the time he was a student, discovering his passion in Biological Sciences). Fittingly, the Darwin sculpture was created by another talented Christ's alumnus, sculptor Anthony Smith.

The garden is planted with a selection of plants that Darwin would have encountered on his botanical voyages on the ship HMS Beagle. Examples include Kniphofia uvaria ‘Nobilis’ and Echium pininana. Keep a look our for Baines (the black College cat) as this space is one of his favouirte places.


The Fellows' Garden / Milton's Mulberry Tree / Hobson's Conduit / Darwin room / Darwin Portico / First Court