Costs at Cambridge fall into two categories:

Tuition Fees

This includes University Tuition Fees and, for certain students includes College Fees.

Living Costs This includes whatever else you need to pay for while you're at university, such as accommodation, food, course costs/study materials, personal expenses and transport.


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Tuition Fees

2020 entry - offer holders

If you are holding an offer for 2020 entry, please now see your offer letter and the offer holders section for financial information.

2021 entry - prospective students

As you may be aware, the Home tuition fees for 2020 entry are £9,250 per year. This fee level is subject to a government review for 2021 entry, and at the current time, the government regulated tuition fee for home students has not yet been set. The fee information for 2021 entry will be published on the university website as soon as it is available.

Currently (for 2020 entry), Home students can take out a government loan to cover the cost of University Tuition, or choose to pay their fees from other sources. At the moment, if you do take out a loan, it is repaid in instalments once you leave university and are earning a minimum salary (the details of which vary for students from England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland). You will need to refer to the appropriate student finance award website for details of tuition fee support for 2021 entry, once available:

EU students are asked to read our finance page for EU students (2021 entry and beyond). Please also check the university EU website regularly for updates. UK nationals living in the EU/EEA will qualify for Home Fee status until 2027. Please read UK Gov page on Living in Europe (there is a section under the heading 'Returning to the UK for study')

Students resident outside the EU (including those resident in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man) should consult the University's website for the 2021 Overseas Fees for their subject (once available). Fees paid by overseas students are generally higher than those paid by Home students. 

The fees for UK and EU students taking a second undergraduate degree (for example, as an affiliated or ELQ student) are also higher than those paid by first-time undergraduates. Information for ELQ students is available on the University website.

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College fees

Home students do NOT have to pay college fees unless they are studying for a second undergraduate degree. 

Overseas students (including Channel Islands and Isle of Man) have to pay an additional college fee, which for 2020 entry to Christ's College is £9,400 (the 2021 entry College fee will be confirmed here once available). Second-time undergraduates also have to pay this fee.

Living Costs

Cambridge colleges work to reduce costs for their students in many ways. While other Universities may expect you to sign a nine- or even twelve-month rental contract, at Cambridge you only pay for your accommodation for the weeks that you are actually in residence, and our terms are relatively short (eight weeks in the autumn and spring, less in the summer). You can cook for yourself, or choose from a variety of reasonably-priced catering options, and transport costs are low-to non-existent - particularly for students at Christ's, which is extremely central! All this means that Cambridge is a much cheaper place to study than you might think. 

As a general guide for what you should allow for your living costs: 

  • The University estimates that Home students should allow approximately £9,670 in 2020-21 for living costs in Cambridge for the year (though this will vary depending on lifestyle, and you should allow for increases in future years). Further information
  • The University estimates that overseas students should allow approximately £11,230 in 2020-21 for living costs in Cambridge for the year (though this will vary depending on lifestyle, and you should allow for increases in future years). On average living expenses are higher for overseas students than for UK students, as they may include the cost of staying in Cambridge/the UK during vacations, for example. Further information

Most undergraduate students at Christ’s actually spend less on their living costs that the University estimates. Accommodation costs at Christ’s are low (you can find out more about the cost of different rooms at Christ's on our accommodation page) and meals are subsidised. Academic and recreational facilities and activities are available at minimal or zero cost to students. You can also read about the generous financial support available to undergraduates at the College. 

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