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Poetry and Place in Cambridge


Poster for 'Poetry and Place in Cambridge'


Notes and drawing by John Wisken, poet and College servant
Notes and drawing by John
Wisken, poet and College
Map of Cambridge, from Magna Britannia, 1808
Map of Cambridge, from
Magna Britannia, 1808 

This winter, Christ’s College Old Library will host a new exhibition: ‘Poetry and Place in Cambridge’.


This exhibition looks at the rich history of poetry about Cambridge, by focusing on poems and poets concerned with the places of the city. From Geoffrey Chaucer to the lesser-known Mary Davys, Sylvia Plath to William Wordsworth, poets both inside and outside the University have been moved to write about different areas of Cambridge. As well as transporting readers as far as Grantchester and Trumpington, these poems also help us shed new light on central locations, such as the Mill Pond and Market Hill.

The exhibition contains activities for children, and is accompanied by a self-guided walking tour, so  you can visit the sites found in each poem. Visit the historic Old Library and learn about the places  that have inspired students, residents and visitors to Cambridge to celebrate the city in verse.

All are welcome to visit this free exhibition between 2pm and 4pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 18th November 2021.






Past Exhibitions

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