This page is for students from other universities outside the UK who are applying to be a Visiting Student on an undergraduate course. Two students in a supervisionPlease first of all read the Visiting students page in full.


Applications have closed for Oct 2024 entry (the deadline was 1 March 2024)
Applications for the Oct 2025 - June 2026 academic year will open in January 2025

Application timeline

Date What
Before application Read the Visting Students page in full
Before application Contact an academic member of the department you are currently enrolled in and ask them to be your referee. Ensure that they are aware of what they need to do and the 1 March deadline for applications. We do not consider late applications.
Before application

Collect your supporting documents and save them as pdfs with the correct file names on your computer (see Application form and upload tool)

1 January - 1 March

Complete your part of the Visiting Student application form (doc 1) and send it along with your supporting documents (docs 2,3,4 and 5) to your referee (ensuring that all pdfs have the correct file names). We recommend that you do this by 15 February in order to give your referee adequate time. Your referee must then complete their part of the application form and upload it and your supporting documents via the application upload tool below by 1 March. We do not accept applications by email - your referee must use the upload tool.

See Application form and upload tool for further detail.

We do not consider applications received after 1 March under any circumstances. It is your responsibility to ensure that your referee understands what they need to do and is available to meet the deadline.

Once you have applied Please keep an eye on your emails and the updates for applicants section below.
March We will email you to let you know if you have been shortlisted for interview
March Shortlisted candidates interviewed virtually
Early April Decisions sent to candidates
1 October Start of course


Application form and upload tool

STEP 1: Please download and complete your part of the Visiting Student application form as well as collecting the supporting documents needed.

  • Visiting Student Application Form (available January - 1 March 2025)

STEP 2: Please save your form and documents on your computer with the following file names:

  • SURNAME/FAMILY NAME First name - Application form (Visiting Student) - Course name
  • SURNAME/FAMILY NAME First name - English Language Evidence - Course name
  • SURNAME/FAMILY NAME First name - Transcript (High School) - Course name
  • SURNAME/FAMILY NAME First name - Transcript (Degree) - Course name
  • SURNAME/FAMILY NAME First name - Home Institution Declaration - Course name


  • RAMIREZ Max - Application form (Visiting Student) - Archaeology
    Note that there is a space before and after each hypen

STEP 3: Please send your Application Form and supporting documents to your referee, who must complete their part and upload the application form and supporting documents via the upload tool by 1 March (we do not consider late applications).

  • Visiting Student Application Upload tool (available January - 1 March 2025)

Your referee will be asked to enter your name and email address on the upload tool and this will enable you to receive an automatic email when the application and supporting documents are submitted.

STEP 4: Please keep an eye on your emails and the Updates for applicants.

Updates for applicants

Once your Visiting Student application and supporting documents have been sent via the upload tool and the 1 March application deadline has passed, please keep an eye on this section.

Any updates will be given here.

Please keep emails about your application to a minimum - all updates will be given via email or on this page. If you do need to email us with a query that is not answered in the information, our email address is As applicants, please start ALL emails with the details we need - this helps us to work more efficiently and answer your questions promptly. Many thanks! Here's a fictional example of what we need at the beginning of your emails:
      Max RAMIREZ
      Visiting Student applicant


Visiting students / Evidence of English Language Competence / HS Transcript / Degree Transcript