List of Key Accessibility Features:

  • Paved ramp from outside into the library corridor leading to the library on the first floor.
  • Disabled toilet off ground floor library corridor
  • Disability door in library corridor (needs access authorization from Porters)
  • Ramp on 3rd floor of library.
  • Lift to all floors of the Working Library
For disabled users
  • Disabled toilet : turn right once you have entered Library Corridor; the entrance to all toilets (including the disabled one) is part-way down Library Corridor, then to your left.


  • Disabled  access: The disabled entrance to the library for mobility-impaired users is the first door on the left that you come to once you have entered Library Corridor. Behind the door is a ramp that takes you to floor 3 (the bottom floor of the library), from where you can use our library lift/elevator to gain access to floor 2 (above floor 3), and the Reading Room on Floor 1 (above floor 2). You will need to ask the College Porters to put access to the disabled access door on your list of access permissions (on your CRS ID card).


  • Ramp : After entering through the disabled entrance door there is a ramp providing step-free access to the library.


  • The Lift has two doors. The first door is fairly heavy and you may  need assistance to open it. The second, inner door is a sliding gate. Both doors need to be closed for the elevator to function. You will need to let staff know if you wish to access the mezzanine floor (above the 1st floor), which includes our printing room, IT Support Office and supervision/group study room.


  • Further Assistance: if you need help in getting into the library via the disabled access door, you will find a buzzer next to the door. If you press that during usual library opening hours, a member of staff will come down to help you. If for some reason you cannot raise our attention, call the library at 01223 334905, or contact the Porters at 01223 334900.


Library Space Photos
Desks and Chairs
Chairs and Desk example


  • 13 two-seater desks on the right-hand side of the library
  • six 4-seater desks next to the windows on the left side (the windows can be opened if required).
  • 1 special collections table, adjacent to the library office.

We do not currently have any adjustable desks, including "standing desks".



  • adjustable chairs with wheels;
  • wooden chairs, which are not adjustable.
Reading Room
Four seater corner desk example

The first floor reading room provides study space for library users. It is considered a quiet zone but sometimes can reach medium noise levels. It has a combination of non-adjustable pocket desks (2 or 3 seats) and long desks (4 seats). The left side wall of floor 1 has windows. There are also individual fans available for extra ventilation if needed. The reading room has a heating and air-conditioning system.