You can get more out of your study session by using our accessibility collection. We have a range of items designed to make the library more accessible and comfortable for all.

You can find the accessibility collection on Floor 1 shelf adjacent to the library door.


We can offer additional adjustments with more customised equipment for you. Please let us know in advance how we can further accommodate you.

Contact us or arrange an appointment at :


Tel: 01223 334905/ 01223 33495


In the Library


For Reading
  • Coloured note pads: Pads in purple, pink, green, blue and yellow. For better contrast, helping to lessen eye strain.
  • Coloured overlays : to help with visual stress, dyslexia and similar visual-processing conditions
  • Coloured overlay rulers
  • Tracing Paper
  • Magnifying glasses: Flat A4 for book use. Can be used in conjunction with book rests. 
  • Book rests : these help you place the material you're using so that it's comfortable to read.
  • Adjustable Desktop Document holder: To avoid neck twisting, and for keeping documents at a readable angle. Also reduces eye strain.


For Laptops
  • Adjustable Tablet/Phone stand Holder
  • Adjustable laptop table: A laptop stand for the right adjustment height and angle of your laptop. Lighter and smaller than a writing slope.
  • Laptop tray Lap desk: Creates a hard surface for studying in areas with no desks such as the Library Corridor on the Ground Floor.
  • Cooling pads for Laptops
  • Laptop stands
  • Wrist support


For Printing
  • Coloured paper for printing : In blue, green, yellow and peach. For better contrast, helping you to avoid/mitigate eye strain.


For Writing


  • Adjustable Writing slopes: encourages correct handwriting practices and facilitates in the writing process. Big enough for a number of materials.
  • Wrist supports for keyboard and mouse use
  • Ergonomic pen/pencil grips
  • Transparent Post its: Handy when you want to still see the text and make notes
  • Graph paper 
  • Mini whiteboards with colored whiteboard pens: For individual study


Stress reducing
  • Stress balls
  • Puzzles
  • Origami making
  • Sudoku/Word searching


For Assistance
  • Visual Impairment Face Masks : Face masks that are see-through in the mouth area to facilitate lip reading, facial expression reading and general non-verbal communication. 
  • Trolleys (limited use) : Available as additional assistance for students who have trouble carrying heavy or large numbers of books. For in-library use only.



In College


  • Induction Loops: Available only in New Court and the Porter's Lodge, but not yet in the library. Our apologies.
  • A sensory alarm is also available -- please ask for further details.