The Christ's Post-qualification Application Advice Clinic is part of our outreach programme and is open to students at UK state schools and colleges, regardless of whether or not you have previously applied to the University of Cambridge. 

You are eligible for the Christ's Post-qualification Application Advice Clinic if you meet ALL of the following criteria: 

  • Student reading in roomYou finished Year 13 / S6 Scotland / Year 14 Northern Ireland in a state school, academy or sixth form college this year or last year.
    If your school charges fees or if you live outside of the UK, don't worry as there is nonetheless information on the post-qualification applications page.
  • You have just received your summer 2024 exam results and have been awarded grades that meet or exceed the application requirements for your qualification at Christ's (NB you do not necessarly need to be thinking of applying to Christ's, but these are the standards for the clinic). Congratulations on your excellent results! 
    • For A level students our typical offers are A*AA or A*A*A, depending on which course you are applying for. See the offers link and the subject requirements link on the relevant subject page. Note that our offers for Maths also include STEP grades.
    • Our typical International Baccalaureate offer is 42 points out of 45, with 776 in suitable Higher Level subjects for the course. For any course that requires maths you must have taken the Maths Analysis and Approaches option at Higher Level. Note that our offers for Maths also include STEP grades.
    • For students taking Scottish Advanced Highers, we look for A1,A2, A2 or A1,A1, A2 in three Advanced Higher subjects, depending on the course you are applying for - see the section for applicants from Scotland for more detail, and note that our offers for Maths also include STEP grades. 
  • You are considering a post-qualification application in October 2024 for October 2025 entry
    That means taking a gap year. It is not possible to be apply for 2024 entry at this stage.
  • You've not currently being considered for the August Reconderation Pool*
    Students who applied in October 2023 and were potentially eligible for the August Reconsideration Pool were told in January decision letters, so if you don't know about it, it's not relevant.

    *though if you're currently being considered and are unsuccessful in getting a place, you could then request an appointment if you meet the other criteria.
  • You have an idea of which Cambridge course you wish to study, and have read the read the relevant course information on this website (if you are still deciding between two courses, that is fine - we're happy to discuss it as part of the clinic).
  • Finally, on a practical note, you must be available for an appointment at the time of the advice clinic! 
    Since the clinic takes place on Zoom, we are happy to talk with you wherever you are if you can get an internet connection. 
    If you're available for part but not all of one of the slots, you must write this on the appointment request form (we will not be able to change the slots once allocated).

You are NOT eligible for the Christ's Post-qualification Application Advice Clinic if:

  • Students in Library corridorYou want to start university in September/October 2024 only.
    • There are no places available at Cambridge for 2024 entry at this stage except for students who are already being considered in the Summer or August Reconsideration pools.
    • If you have done well in your exams and are researching other university options for 2024 entry, we recommend exploring UCAS Adjustment for places at other universities and (if relevant) UCAS Clearing. Please contact UCAS directly with any questions about Adjustment or Clearing at other universities.
  • You are considering a post-qualification application for Medicine and are holding an offer from another Medical School for 2024 entry.
  • You are not available for an appointment at the time of the advice clinic or you only find this information afterwards
    In this case, please email us instead at 
  • You are a parent, guardian or teacher.
    It is not possible to have an appointment on behalf of a student, however we would very much appreciate your help in passing this information on to appropriate students. 


First CourtDo I have to be considering an application to Christ's College, Cambridge specifically? 
Not necessarily though we do want you to meet Christ's College requirements (e.g. we ask for applicants to have taken Further Maths if applying for Economics, Engineering, Computer Science, whereas not all Colleges require this). We are more than happy to advise prospective post-qualification applicants in general terms about their competitiveness for a Cambridge application so there is no problem if you are undecided on your College choice or if you have only just started thinking about Cambridge and have not looked into colleges yet. We are the Christ's College Admissions and Outreach Department, however, so it you are potentially interested in applying to Christ's College, we will be able to have a more specific conversation about applications to this College. 

Can I request an appointment if I am holding an offer at another university? 
Yes! If you are deciding between taking up an offer at another university and making a post-qualification application to Christ's (or Cambridge), we are happy to talk to you, however note that it will not be possible to apply whilst you are on a similar course at another university, so please don't request an appointment thinking you'll do that!

Can I request an appointment if I applied to Cambridge last year and was unsuccessful?
Absolutely! It is possible to re-apply (see the information about re-applying). If you have obtained feedback from the College you applied to, it would be helpful if you could include it with your results breakdown pdf that we ask you to upload.

Can I be considered for October 2024 entry? 
Not unless you are already being considered via the Summer Pool or the August Reconsideration Pool.

Will I be able to visit Cambridge / Christ's in late August/September? I've missed all the  open days.
Yes. We have College tours, or you could visit via our September Open Day on 13 Sept. The College grounds are normally open to walk around at other times. See the information about self-guided visits to check our opening times.
You are also welcome to sign up for Cambridge for Beginners on 28 August, if helpful
More in follow-up emails...

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