Women in Maths residential - information for participants

This page is for students with a confirmed place on the Christ's and Trinity College Cambridge Women in Maths residential. If you are interested in attending this next year and are looking for more general info about the event and how to apply, please instead see the main Women in Maths residential page.


Don't forget you can leave comments/feedback on each session here! (anonymous and v short!)

12/04/21 You will have 3 emails: one from Trinity with 3 of tomorrow's session links; one from Christ's on the 11am link and a handout for the 4pm session (sent today at 13:59); and a third with the Padlet link to submit advance questions for the Q&A (sent 18:38).

Please let us know asap if you are missing these (please check your spam first though!).

02/04/21 - Emails have been sent with Tuesday 6th April links & NRICH links!

31/03/21 - Follow-Up email for Week 2 has just been sent (14:43). Lots of information for you to read through with more links to explore in your own time. 

29/03/21 - Email sent this morning with the links for tomorrow's (30th) sessions. Don't forget to check last week's follow-up email too!

25/03/21 The Follow-up email from this week's session has now been sent (11:08). This includes some pages and a video to read/watch ahead of next week. 

5/3/21 16:40 - All applicants have now been contacted with the outcome of their application to the Women in Maths Programme. If you do not think you have received the email, please first check your spam and junk emails before getting in touch. 

Once you have a confirmed place on the Women in Maths residential, this page will keep you up-to-date with details of the event and emails that have been sent.


Women in Maths Programme

Below you will find the details of the planned programme sessions. This is in the process of being updated. Most days will have sessions at 16:00 and 17:15 though on the 6th and 13th April there are some additional sessions throughout the day (as, for the vast majority this will be in the school Easter break). 

TBC sessions will include a Student Life Q&A, fun online social events and games, a Finances-related information talk and a session on super-curricular activities, as well as additional academic sessions.

Date Start Time Session Further Details
23 March 16:00 Introduction to the Programme Meeting format
23 March 16:30 Icebreakers! A few online games with other students on the programme and some of our current undergraduates to get to know some people. Meeting format
30 March 16:00 Mathematical Adventures in our Natural World: From Exponentials to Ecosytems, with NRICH In this interactive problem-solving workshop we'll explore the potential of mathematics for helping to explain the phenomena we see in the natural world. From hedgehogs and hares to sharks and snow lynx, we'll investigate ways that mathematicians use modelling to describe and explain some intriguing problems in nature.
30 March 17:15 Admissions Q&A An opportunity to ask all of your questions around the admissions process. A pre-recorded talk will be sent out ahead of this session so we can dedicate the whole time to Q&A. Webinar format
6 April 11:00 Careers with Mathematics - Where can it take you? with Ms Sophie Maclean Meeting format
6 April 13:30 Social Event Meeting format
6 April 16:00 How To Eat Chocolate with Professor Imre Leader Meeting format
13 April 11:00 An Introduction to Mathematical Biology with Ms Maria Gutierrez Meeting format
13 April 13:30 Gardening, epidemics and the art of non-linear differential equations with Mr Paul Fannon Meeting format
13 April 16:00 The Complexity of Prime Numbers with Dr Henry Bradford Webinar format
13 April 17:15 Student Life Q&A An opportunity to ask all your questions about studying and living at Cambridge with current undergraduates from both Christ's and Trinity Colleges. Meeting format
20 April 16:00 STEP with Mr Paul Fannon Meeting format
20 April 17:15 Why Maths Matters with Dr Robert Hunt Meeting format
27 April 16:00 Differential Equations: The Joy of d/dx with Ms Maria Tatulea-Codrean Meeting format
27 April 17:15 Social Event Meeting format
4 May 16:00 Super-curricular Activities with Mr Jon Datta Meeting format
4 May 17:15 Economics: Using Maths to Understand Human Beings with Dr Julia Shvets Meeting format
11 May 16:00 Academic Session - Title TBC  
11 May 17:15 Programme Round-Up and What's Next Meeting format



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