19 Mar | Email with final details, arrival reminders, timetable and a form to choose your Using Maths in.. session has been sent (c. 18:20)

9 Mar | Email sent this morning with information on claiming travel reimbursements. All reimbursement queries should be directed to schools.liaison@trin.cam.ac.uk.

29 Feb | Email containing the forms to fill out has been sent. Deadline for all forms: 11am on Friday 8th March.

23 Feb | Decisions sent 


Women in Maths Programme

The Women in Maths Residential is due to take place in Cambridge from 21-23 March 2024. The event programme has been circulated via email to attendees.

Travelling to Cambridge

Travel costs will be covered for this event. This means one of the following:

  • One standard return train fare for yourself (your ticket only - we won't cover the cost of anyone else who chooses to travel with you)
  • One standard return coach fare for yourself (as above - but don't go for this if trains are quicker!)
  • One return car journey from your home address to Cambridge. For example, if it is 100 miles to Cambridge from your home, we will reimburse fuel for 200 miles (there and back). 

Where possible, we encourage the use of public transport!

We have advice on getting here via various forms of transport on our How to Get to Christ's page.


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