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Use iDiscover to search the University libraries' print and online collections using a single search. Find books, ebooks, videos, theses, open access content and more.

Searching iDiscover

There are three ways to search iDiscover ( Simply select one of the options at the top of the search box:

  • Cambridge Libraries Collections: books (printed and electronic), other physical library content and Apollo, the Cambridge institutional repository of dissertations and other research materials.
  • Articles and online resources: Articles online (both in peer-reviewed journals and from other sources), databases, electronic journals and other online content.
  • Everything: All of the resources covered by the Cambridge Libraries Collections and Articles and online resources searches.


Practical Exercises on iDiscover use


iDiscover Practical exercises and Answer Sheet  (Word Document)


Consists of three practical exercises (Word format) to test your skills on iDiscover, in finding different types of resources. The three resource search exercises are in question form. Users are asked to find the  resource, as per the reference given, by using iDiscover. The questions should be answered during the process of searching the resource, as they can provide further guidance.

Resource search examples:

  • a book search
  • an ebook search
  • an article search. 


The answer sheet will guide the user on how to reach the final result by giving screenshots of possible outcomes and commenting on the process taken to reach the given result. 

Results may vary so please consult the answer sheet. Users do not need to complete all three practical resource search exercises if they feel confident in searching in that type of resource. Printed versions of the practical exercises can be found in the library. 


  • These practical iDiscover exercises and answer sheets are available in print form, on colored paper at the Information point in the Library, Floor 1, near the library entrance.




Online Resources
  • Eresources: For online resources for your subject area or for links to our services to help you find online articles, ejournals, databases, ebooks and more.


  • Ebooks : The University  of Cambridge has access to ebooks from a wide variety of publishers and platforms. Use this website to find a specific ebook and discover how to make the most of ebooks in your research and study.


  • Ejournals: Browse to find an ejournal by title, author or ISSN



  •  Resource Databases : Provides a traditional A-Z list of all ejournals licensed for use by current members of the University of Cambridge. 


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