Dr Edward J F Allen

Supervisor in English
University Lecturer in British and Irish Literature
Ned Allen

Ned studied at Christ's as an undergraduate and then returned, after a year in Padova, to pursue graduate study.  A good deal of his doctoral research was spent in North America, where he held visiting fellowships at the Library of Congress, Washington DC, and the Huntingdon Library in San Marino, California.  He was then awarded a Junior Research Fellow at Jesus College.  Ned became a Bye-Fellow of Christ's in 2015 and was elected a Fellow in July 2016.

For Part I of the English Tripos, he teaches Papers 1 (Practical Criticism and Critical Practice), 7a (English Literature and its Contexts, 1830-1945), and 7b (English Literature and its Contexts, 1870 to the present). For Part II, he teaches Papers 9 (Lyric) and 14 (American).  He supervises dissertations throughout these papers.