USS Dispute

There follows a statement from the undersigned Fellows.

"As Fellows of Christ's College, we the signatories named below wish to put on record that the College did not respond to the September 2017 Universities UK consultation on USS, and that members of the College's Governing Body hold a diversity of opinions on the scheme valuation.

We deeply regret the disruption to our students' education caused by the current dispute between UUK and UCU, and we urge both parties to reach a mutually acceptable agreement as soon as possible.

It is our view that any acceptable settlement must recognise the interests and concerns especially of younger academic and academic-related staff, who will be most affected by the changes proposed by Universities UK. We also note the vital importance of attractive terms of employment for the recruitment and retention of the most talented staff to British universities.

We therefore welcome the Vice Chancellor's recent recognition that an acceptable agreement is likely to require the retention of a Defined Benefit section of the scheme, even if this requires increased employer contributions in the immediate term.”

Dr Edward Allen

Professor Ash Amin

Dr Ori Beck

Dr Duncan Bell

Professor Gábor Betegh

Dr Helena Browne

Dr Anthony Coyne

Dr Mark Darlow

Professor Sarah Franklin

Professor Nicholas Gay

Dr Kathryn Howley

Dr Samuel James

Professor Martin Johnson

Dr David Jones

Professor Frank Kelly

Ms Harriet Lyon

Professor Dame Theresa Marteau

Dr Richard Mortier

Dr David Norman

Dr Mauro Overend

Dr Anup Patel

Dr William Peterson

Dr Helen Pfeifer

Dr Valentina Pugliano

Professor Sarah Radcliffe

Dr Sophie Read

Dr Gareth Rees

Professor Jim Secord

Professor David Sedley

Dr Henry Spelman

Dr Miranda Stanyon

Dr Mike Stock

Dr Natasha Tanna

Dr Christopher Thomas

Dr Emily Tomlinson

Dr David Trippett

Dr Caroline Vout

Dr Felix Waldmann

Dr Bernardo Zacka

Dr Edward Zychowicz-Coghill