Professor Jonathan Steinberg

It is with sadness that the College announces that it has learned of the death after a long illness of our former Research Fellow, Professor Jonathan Steinberg.

Having received his undergraduate degree from Harvard in 1955 Professor Steinberg came to Cambridge and took his PhD at St John's College, following which he was awarded a Research Fellowship at Christ's from 1963 to 1966.

After his time at Christ's Professor Steinberg then became a Fellow at Trinity Hall where he remained until 1999, serving as Vice-Master of the College from 1990 to 1994. He became Walter Annenberg Professor of Modern History at the University of Pennsylvania in 2000.

Professor Steinberg's teaching covered modern Europe since 1789 with specialization in the German and Austrian Empires, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and modern Jewish history. He has also taught graduate seminars in historical thought and method and recently has taught economic thought from Adam Smith to Karl Marx.

Former historians may remember him with affection as their supervisor for Modern European History or American history or, perhaps, as Chair of the Faculty. A great raconteur, he spoke with amused fascination about his time as a Junior Research Fellow when the Governing Body engaged in impassioned debates about whether to grant an Honorary Fellowship to C.P. Snow after his caricature of some of them in his novel 'The Masters'.