Following the Michaelmas term elections, new President of the Christ’s JCR for 2022-3 Ossie Visick, a second-year historian, tell us about his role, priorities for the Committee, and plans for the College swimming pool.

What is the JCR?

The JCR – which stands for Junior Common Room - is the undergraduate wing of the wider Christ’s College Student Union (CCSU) and is responsible for representing undergraduate interests in the College. The 19-person committee works daily to improve student life and ensure that the interests of minority groups are considered in any decisions taken. 

In recent years, the JCR is proud of the changes it has made, such as offering reimbursement of NHS prescription charges and reforming how student room allocation works.
Why did you stand for President?

I was on Christ’s JCR Committee last year as the Male/Non-Binary Welfare Officer. By running for President, I felt that I would be in the best position to implement changes that could substantially better student life, most notably, by mitigating the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on student rents and improving wellbeing support in Christ’s. 

Ossie Visick
Ossie Visick

What does the President do?

It is the President’s responsibility to chair committee meetings and be the most visible representative for students in interactions with College governance. A large part of the President’s role is supporting other JCR officers in fulfilling their responsibilities and providing help wherever it is needed.
What are the Committee’s priorities?

Our priority is to always ensure any decisions made by the College prioritise student interests. The JCR council is committed to limiting rent and food price rises in 2023 by having continuous discussions with the Bursar and the Senior Tutor. 

We want to modernise how academic achievement is recognised and rewarded in College and we also hope to guarantee that there is sufficient study space in College for students. 

The JCR is discussing the possibility of getting a solar summertime cover for the College pool to reduce chemical and water usage in line with the College’s commitment to being more eco-friendly. 
What funding is there?

The JCR negotiates an annual budget from the College to support projects and societies. In the past we have funded cycle safety equipment for students.

The budget also funds organisation of the JCR Garden Party, which takes place in June in years when the College does not host a May Ball. 

The JCR Committee
Members of the JCR Committee

How can students become involved?

The JCR is always very keen to keep student engagement high. Throughout the term, the JCR holds weekly meetings which are open for all students to attend details of which are communicated via email and social media. We also hold Open Meetings twice a term, which offer an open forum to discuss issues that affect students. 
How do students get in touch?

Aside from meetings (and bumping into JCR Officers around College), each officer has an email address published on our webpage. There is a JCR Instagram account and the ‘Christ’s Welfare’ page provides up to date information about student welfare provision.

What is the best part of being on the JCR?

Making tangible change in Christ’s is an immensely rewarding feeling. Being part of a team whose work can genuinely see students’ lives made easier is why I believe that Christ’s get such high engagement among its undergraduates and it is certainly one of the things I am most proud of.

Visit the JCR Webpage to find out more.