As Christ’s announces the May Ball theme of ‘Midsummer Night's Dream’, Committee Co-Presidents Adanna Okoli, a second year studying Human, Social and Political Science (HSPS) and Amelia Cheeseman, a second year studying Classics, tell us what’s involved in putting on this much-anticipated event.

Co-Presidents Amelia and Adanna at the Launch Party


Why did you want to be May Ball President?

Amelia: I thought it would be a brilliant opportunity for me to be involved in an event that matters to the whole College. I was also particularly interested in the business side of things and how such a great event comes to be organised and run behind the scenes. 

Adanna: I’ve always enjoyed planning things and seeing them come together, from group holidays to school events and was captivated by the chance to plan an event as monumental as the May Ball. 

What’s involved?

Adanna: In the early stages, I spent a lot of time talking to one of the last Ball presidents, Sam who helped me get a feel for it. Since then, I’ve been in quite frequent contact with him and the other co-president Pippa who have been so generous with their time.

Amelia: Planning starts a year in advance with lots of different aspects – booking a headliner and students acts; organising food and drink; security, staffing and logistics.

How do you balance the organisation with your academic studies?

Amelia: There’s a committee of 23 so lots of people to share the tasks. It’s a lot of work but we fit it in.

Adanna: Everyone plays to their strengths – this year the logistics team are all engineering students and one of the designers studies architecture.

Why is the May Ball such an important event in the College calendar?

Adanna: Christ's is well known for its academic rigour so it’s really lovely to have an event that unites the whole college community after the quiet period to blow off some steam and have fun. The fact that it is biennial makes it even more special as the anticipation is through the roof.

May Balls can be expensive, how can they be made more accessible?

Amelia: Because we recognise the importance of the May Ball, we’ve tried our hardest to make it as accessible as possible, including - for the first time - an Access+ scheme which extends our discounted access tickets to Christ’s postgraduate students and to University students on the Cambridge bursary.

Tell us about the charities you are supporting.

Adanna: We’re working with Solidaritee, a charity that supports refugees and asylum seekers living in camps across Greece, to raise money through T-shirt sales. We’re also supporting Home-Start Cambridgeshire and Crisis.

What excites you most about the 2024 Ball?

Adanna: I love trying out and reviewing food places, so the food and drink was a highlight of the events I went to last year, and having been on a few tastings with the food and drink team I am definitely looking forward to the food at the ball.

Amelia: I think I’m most excited for all the decorations from the art and design team. I love the theme this year and am really looking forward to seeing our vision come to life. We’re hoping to transform the College courts and gardens into a series of Shakespearean-inspired enchanted forests and royal courts.


Christ’s May Ball will take place on Tuesday 18 June 2024. Tickets for members of Christ’s College (students, staff and Fellows) and their guests are on sale from 5pm on Thursday 1 February; for Alumni on 5 February, 5pm and on general release to Cambridge students from Thursday 8 February at 5pm. 

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