Francis Lieber Prize for Dr Giovanni Mantilla

Congratulations to our Fellow, Dr Giovanni Mantilla, upon being awarded the prestigious American Mantilla 3Society of International Law's Francis Lieber Prize for best book in the field of the law of armed conflict for his recent publication 'Lawmaking under Pressure: International Humanitarian Law and Internal Armed Conflict', published by Cornell University Press in December 2020.  The prize recognises an exceptional published book in the field of the law of armed conflict.

The Francis Lieber Prize Committee stated 'Exploring the social politics around the development of IHL, Lawmaking under pressure makes a highly original, major contribution to the field and ultimately sends a strong message of hope in a time of increasing global tension and mistrust: International social pressure channelled by diplomatic procedure can drive progressive normative development against all odds. While such development comes at a price, the historic lesson, which the author derives from meticulous archival research, resonates strongly at a time when the development of international law is stymied on so many levels'.