We are delighted to report that Christ's Fellow, Dr Ned Allen, has been awarded a STARS grant by the University of Padova.

For two years, commencing in September, Ned will be running a project called 'Radio Waves: Network Building and the Making of Modern Europe'. The project will provide a fresh insight, amidst the fall-out of Brexit and ongoing crises of European integration, into the reconstruction of nations, blocs, and regional modes of identity after the Second World War. It will do so by narrating the history of broadcasting institutions, the history of the writers who worked for such institutions, and the important part they played in mediating the fantasy – part fiction, part fact – of an evolving European Union in the years 1945-1981. As Principal Investigator, he will be working closely with a team of postdocs with a view to triangulating the BBC with outfits, in Italy and Greece, which drew conspicuously on the model of a restructured BBC in the late 1940s.