In the light of the climate emergency and the University Council’s recent Statement (see, the Council of Christ’s College has adopted the following Statement.

“The College Council believes that decarbonisation of the economy represents a social imperative (in the face of global warming caused by greenhouse gases). It has therefore agreed:

  1. The College will not hold direct investments in the shares or bonds of fossil fuel producers and their suppliers (defined in each case as companies deriving 10% or more of their revenues from fossil fuel production). It does not currently hold any such investments.
  2. The College will continue to seek opportunities in sustainable businesses, including renewable energy. It already has significant investments of this type.
  3. The College expects to have no material direct or indirect exposure to investments in fossil fuel producers and suppliers by 2030.
  4. The College has an ambition to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions from its investment portfolio by 2038.
  5. The College’s work to reduce the carbon footprint of its own operations will also remain a high priority.”

Under the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, investments contribute to an institution’s inventory of emissions, so this is a significant development, but this policy is just one part of our overall strategy aimed at reducing the College’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Other initiatives range from specific adjustments such as the deployment of air source heat pumps in the major new construction under way in 4th Court, to broader steps such as our development of Science-Based Targets for the College, consistent with those developed by the University and, we hope, with those being developed by other colleges.

We are confident that the whole College community - Fellows, Students and Assistant Staff – will enthusiastically cooperate to reduce the carbon footprint of the College across all its activities and services.


The Master

Tuesday 6 October 2020