Christ's Comes Top in the 2018 Tompkins Table

Graduation 2018

The recent results of the 2018 Tompkins Table has revealed that Christ’s has been placed first overall. The annual Tompkins Table is a league table that compares the examination results of all the students at each of the twenty-nine Cambridge Colleges.

Speaking in reaction to the result, Christ’s Senior Tutor Dr Robert Hunt, said, “at Christ's we aim to be consistently in the top quarter or so of the table of Cambridge Colleges, so we are delighted by the pleasant news that we are in fact top-ranked in this year's table. But we are careful not to put too much emphasis on the table, because the differences between the various Colleges at the top are very small indeed. And we certainly don't place undue pressure on our students to do well, though they seem to be naturally highly motivated about their subject! We achieve our results by making sure that we attract strong applicants from a broad spectrum; by choosing carefully among them; by providing them with excellent teaching from carefully-selected supervisors; and by giving them strong pastoral support while they are here.

 Our success is not confined to a small number of subjects: almost every single subject across the whole of the arts, humanities, sciences and technology has done well at Christ's this year.

We have an extensive outreach programme and have made a concerted effort to diversify our student body, in different ways, over the past five years. There has of course been a time lag between these reforms to our admissions and the subsequent payoff in terms of results, but it has been worth the wait.”