First Court
First Court

First Court is the oldest part of the College, and much of it dates back to 1505. It includes a circular lawn – the only one in any of Cambridge’s 31 Colleges. The enclosed nature of this court creates a microclimate, allowing us to grow tender specimen plants. The court is bordered by a variety of shrubs, and a magnificent Wisteria sinensis covers the south-facing wall. The wisteria is thought to be around 200 years old.

Second Court

Second Court consists of formal lawns bordered by an informal planting scheme. There is a long herbaceous border on the western side of the court. The Fellows’ Building at the top of second court dates from 1640-42. The gardens here feature borders of lush summer bedding.

Second Court          Second Court

Third Court

Third Court features an extensive collection of irises, begun in 1946 when the College received a large number of irises from a Mrs Zeligman. Today the garden contains more than 70 different species, some of them added since the Court was redesigned by Dr Geoffrey Ingham in 2014.

Third Court Third Court Flowers Third Court Iris