Introductory webinar for prospective undergraduates (UK only)

Event date
Wednesday 13 January, 16:00 - 17:30

Are you a UK student in Year 12 (England and Wales) / S5 (Scotland) / Yr13 (Northern Ireland), thinking about an application to Cambridge, but need more info about what's involved?

Cambridge for Beginners Webinar
For students in Year 12 (England and Wales) / S5 (Scotland) / Yr13 (Northern Ireland)
Wed 13 January at 16:00

A supervision
 Look beyond lockdown, prepare for future
 choices, top up your study motivation!

This is an online introductory session for UK students from all backgrounds - if we ask how much you already know about Cambridge on a scale of 1-10 and your answer would be 4 or less, this one is for you! It is designed for those who have not already attended a Cambridge / Oxbridge talk, and we will cover the basics and give you information about next steps for if you decide to apply next October.

If you're interested, booking is open on our open days and events page. Although there are lots of Covid-19 restrictions at the moment, we're keen to make sure you've got the info and support you need for your university choices, so do sign up!

Note for prospective students outside the UK

If you're a student from outside the UK, the Cambridge for Beginners session won't have the right info (it's specific to applications from the UK), but you are welcome to register interest for our online open day on 17 February, and we will also be running our annual webinars for international students (including some for particular countries or areas and some specifically for EU students) a bit later in the year. If you're outside the UK, we therefore encourage you to find out more and register your interest on our international webinars page now, so that you get an email when we open booking for relevant events.

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