Introductory webinar for prospective undergraduates (UK only)

Event date
Monday 24 August, 11:30 - 13:00

Are you a UK student who has finished Year 12 (England and Wales) / S5 (Scotland) / Yr13 (Northern Ireland), are thinking about an application for an undergraduate course at Cambridge, but are not confident about your knowledge of what's involved?

On 24 August we are running an introductory session for UK students from all backgrounds - if we ask how much you already know about Cambridge on a scale of 1-10 and your answer would be 4 or less, this one is for you! It is designed for those who have not had Cambridge / Oxbridge talks, and will cover the basics and give you information about next steps for applying.

Booking is open - please complete the 24 August booking form

NB. if you're a student from outside the UK, this session won't have the right info for non-UK applications - please see the webinars for international students instead.