Darwin Sculpture (Photo credit: Sir Cam)

Christ's College is where the famous biologist and naturalist and father of evolutionary biology, studied.  He was a young, innovative and enthusiastic student, destined initially for a life in Holy Orders.  From Cambridge he embarked on a ground-breaking journey of discovery on HMS Beagle and fifty years after his birth, his seminal work The Origin of the Species was published.

In Christ's in 2009, we celebrated our unique experience of Darwin the student with the public opening of his student rooms (from February 2009) and an unveiling of a specially commissioned bronze sculpture of Darwin as a young man contemplating the origin of our existence.

On this page you will find links to websites and events that took place in Christ's College celebrating the bicentenary of Charles Darwin's birth in 2009.

The picture shows The Young Darwin: Darwin the student - sculpture by Anthony Smith.

Lectures, articles and websites for the Darwin Celebrations held in 2009

Lady Margaret Lectures

Darwin and evolution logo


Charles Darwin and Evolution: an exciting resource for all ages concerning the work and legacy of Darwin's discovery and its implications for the world, science and religion. This website was made by students from Christ's College.

The complete work of Charles Darwin online

Commemorative booklet

Darwin in Cambridge, by John van Wyhe, (commemorative booklet, published by Christ's College).
To order this directly from Heffers Bookshop, Cambridge, click here.


Three articles by Dr David Norman et al  and an overview on Cambridge Research Horizons:

Darwin and Christ's College by John van Wyhe, Bye-Fellow, Christ's College.

In College

Events in Christ's

  • Darwin Celebratory Dinner (12th February 2009)
  • Darwin's birthday: images from the celebrations on 12th February 2009.
  • Darwin openings: images from Christ's College, 20th February 2009.
  • Darwin film/article competition for 6th Form and Undergraduate students in Cambridgeshire, sponsored by The Foundation for Genomics and Population Health

Events outside Christ's College


Charles Darwin was a British naturalist and most famous as the father of evolutionary biology and originator of the theory of natural selection. As naturalist for 5 years aboard the ship HMS Beagle, during its voyage around the world, Darwin gained the experience that led to his epoch-making book On the Origin of Species (1859). This was followed by The Descent of Man (1871) which argued that humans and apes shared a common ancestor - a revolutionary theory for its time. Darwin is buried in Westminster Abbey. Darwin was admitted to Christ's College on 15th October 1827 , gaining his BA in 1831, his MA in 1836 and an honorary doctorate in 1877.