The Blyth Building is in Third Court and has four floors of student accommodation rooms on corridors with a staircase at each end.

The bedrooms in Blyth are mostly medium-sized rooms with two large windows, desks, noticeboards and ample storage. Depending on which way your room is facing, your windows will either look out over Third Court or over the Fellows' Garden. Each floor has 10 rooms, and at one end there's a small kitchen plus the shared bathrooms with toilets, showers, basins and a bath.

Roughly two of the rooms on each floor are ‘sets’. This is where you have a room that has two, smaller rooms within it, separating a study and bedroom.

Blyth Building
2 females sat at coffee table Female student sat, bed behind
Students going out of door

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in the Blyth Building
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The example room above is classed as a medium non-ensuite room. The cost is £1,811 per term (2023-24 price) including insurance, heating, electricity, internet access, kitchens and cleaning (i.e. that’s all of the cost – there are no hidden additions). There’s more information on the accommodation page.

“If you can get your hands on a room in either Blyth or Y you are in for a great year of large rooms at low cost with usually a great view. I loved my room this year so much I balloted for the room above me next year.


Here's an example of a Blyth shared bathroom (there's one on each floor). It has 2 toilet cubicles, 2 shower cubicles, a cubicle with a bath, a shower over the bath and a basin, and 2 further basins outside the cubicles.

"I did enjoy having shared bathrooms, as it meant I bumped into my flatmates more, so we got to chatting and I feel I developed stronger friendships."


Here's an example of a Blyth kitchenette (there's one on each floor). It has two large fridges, a microwave, a toaster, two hob rings, the sink plus cupboards, bin etc. Although we have a canteen, an all-day cafe and the option of going to formal hall too, if you want to prepare food or snacks for yourself you can (and the College is very conveninely placed for access to shops).

In Third Court, on the opposite side to the Blyth Building we have the Y Building. The accommodation in Y is pretty much the same s in Blyth - the ground floor has administrative offices on it but the three floors above are accommodation rooms like in the Blyth Building.

Undergraduate accommodation / Third Court / Inside the Stevenson Building

I absolutely loved my Blyth room, which was so spacious and had lovely big windows looking over the garden in the middle. I lived on a corridor with six other freshers, and some of my favourite memories from last year were made just sitting chatting outside our rooms for hours. I absolutely loved living just steps away from my friends this year."