As the new academic year begins, Christ’s College looks forward to welcoming 128 new undergraduate and 110 postgraduate students as well as six new Fellows.

New Master Simon, Lord McDonald of Salford, said

“I started here four weeks ago. I hope that everyone joining Christ’s this week will have as uplifting and energising a start as I have, and I look forward to meeting and getting to know you all.”

New students will matriculate on 3 October 2022. Matriculation is the name for the process by which they become members of Christ’s College and of the University of Cambridge.

The College will also admit six new Fellows on 30 September 2022. They are:

Professor Chris Pickard

Professor Chris Pickard who is the Sir Alan Cotterell Professor of Materials Science;

Dr Irit Katz

Dr Irit Katz, Director of Studies for Architecture who researches the dynamic cultural, social and political relations between the built environment and the changing human condition;

Dr Henry Spelman

Dr Henry Spelman who studies Greek and Latin lyric poetry;

Dr Ori Mautner

Dr Ori Mautner, a social anthropologist who focuses on ethics, religion, and politics and especially on non-liberal approaches to living with difference in Israel-Palestine;

Dr Purba Hossain

Dr Purba Hossain, a historian of colonial South Asia;


Dr Kareem Estefan

Dr Kareem Estefan, a scholar of contemporary visual culture who will be Director of Studies for Art History.