Outstanding examination results at Christ's College

This year, Christ's has been placed second overall (up from third place last year) in the Tompkins Table, an annual league table that since 1997 has compared the examination performances of all of the students at each of the 29 undergraduate Colleges in the University of Cambridge.

Christ's is one of only two Colleges that has never been in the bottom half of the Table in all that time, and for the majority of the time it has in fact been amongst the top 5 Colleges.

The Senior Tutor, Dr Robert Hunt, said "at Christ's we are extremely proud of our students and the results they have achieved through their hard work, as well as of our Directors of Studies and Tutors. Christ's is a genuinely friendly, happy and supportive College, which is the key to our excellent results, and we take great care over the entire student experience from admissions all the way through to graduation.

As a beautiful, ancient city-centre College we are lucky enough to attract a strong field of excellent candidates for admission. Our admissions processes are objective and fair, meaning that we select the very best of our applicants to create a truly diverse student body, with students from all backgrounds well represented. Once they are here we create a welcoming atmosphere so that they can take full advantage of our teaching, and in exam term we provide the best environment for healthy revision."