HE+ Residential Event March 2019

This March, our Admissions and Outreach department hosted an HE+ group from Christ’s link schools -  Herefordshire Sixth Form, and Worcestershire Sixth Form, for a residential event at College.

HE+ is a collaborative project between the University of Cambridge and its Colleges, working together with groups of state schools and colleges in 18 regions of the UK. The aim is to help engage their highest-attaining students in a year-long programme designed to encourage and prepare these students to make competitive applications to top universities, including the University of Cambridge. In the 2017-18 academic year, over 3,000 Year 12 students in more than 130 schools and colleges participated in the initiative.

Taking part in the project gives students at these schools many opportunities to develop their academic skills, understanding, and confidence, while also receiving advice and guidance about applying to higher education.  Their teachers and advisers also benefit from a closer relationship with other institutions in their area, and partner together to support students in their preparation for selective higher education.

This year at Christ’s, the HE+ students were given a full tour of the college; listened to talks about the admissions process and studying at Christ’s; and also heard current students talk about student life at Christ’s. There were a number of Masterclasses available to attend, including a Law masterclass entitled 'Being careful not to hurt others: what does the law say?' delivered by the Master where she spoke to those students wishing to pursue law at University. The students enjoyed dining in Upper Hall and the experience of spending a night in College.

HE+ also provides opportunities for all students to explore their subject beyond the curriculum. The HE+ website provides subject enrichment material produced by Cambridge postgraduate students and academics at the cutting edge of research in their field, including guided activities, questions to think about and suggestions for further reading.  If you are looking for free resources to help you go beyond what you are learning in the classroom, this is a great place to start.

If you are a teacher at a non-fee-paying school in Herefordshire or Worcestershire with an attached Sixth Form that is not currently involved in our HE+ consortia and would like more information about this regional collaboration project, please get in touch at access@christs.cam.ac.uk.

You can also find lots of information at the support for schools website - https://www.christs.cam.ac.uk/support-schools