Core Psychiatric Trainee of the Year 2017

Mary Ellen Lynall

Dr Lynall has been given this prestigious award by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

She is an Academic Clinical Fellow at Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust and a Bye-Fellow at Christ's College. Her research, supervised by Professor Ed Bullmore and Dr Menna Clatworthy, focuses on the role of the meningeal immune system in the link between psychological stress and psychiatric disorders. Mary-Ellen is co-author of the textbook ‘Lecture Notes in Psychiatry’; a member of the RCPsych Wellcome/Gatsby Neuroscience Commission; and teaches neurobiology to undergraduate medical students at Cambridge University. The judges said that "although Mary-Ellen’s interest in neuroscience predates her entry to medical school, as a psychiatry trainee she has gone on to investigate the links between the immune system, stress and depression developing protocols now being used in labs across the UK. She is also an outstanding clinician and skilled medical educator with an exemplary record in teaching neuroscience to medical and natural science students."