40 Years of Women at Christ's:The Lady Margaret Beaufort Portrait Prize

Win £300 and have your artwork displayed in the College Hall

Lady Margaret

2018–19 sees Christ’s celebrate the admission of female undergraduates forty years ago. Women have played a crucial role in the life of the College for longer than that, however –– not least, Lady Margaret Beaufort (1443-1509) who re-founded Godshouse as Christ’s College in 1505. As part of these celebrations, College has this year established a Lady Margaret Beaufort Portrait Prize and invites entries that aim to represent her (as woman, mother, patron, promoter of education...). Entries can be made in any medium that lends itself for easy display in Hall – whether e.g. painting/drawing, small-scale sculpture, photography, projection, mixed media. We are looking for entries that are innovative, beautiful, and relevant, and, crucially, that work with, and as an intrinsic part of, a new hang in Hall which will, for up to three months, replace all of the paintings currently in there with portraits traditionally identified as Lady Margaret. In order to get a sense of what some of these look like, you might go to: https://artuk.org/discover/artworks/search/venue:christs-college-university-of-cambridge-7171/page/4#artwork-undefined.


Womens 40th


The deadline for submission of entries will be 6pm on Friday 21st September 2018. To enter the competition, please e-mail a high resolution photograph of your work, its medium, dimensions and title to Dr Caroline Vout at cv103@cam.ac.uk. Short-listed entries must then be delivered in person to Dr Caroline Vout in College by 12.00 noon on 1 October. The judging panel will consist of a panel of fellows from the arts and sciences. The competition is open to all second- and third-year undergraduates, and to all graduate students, of the College in any subject.