Cambridge for Beginners (UK version)

Event date
Wednesday 25 August, 10:30 - 12:00

Third CourtAn introductory online session for UK students who have recently finished Year 11 or Year 12 (England and Wales) / S4 or S5 (Scotland) / Yr12 or Yr13 (Northern Ireland), and are thinking about an application to Cambridge.

If we ask how much you already know about Cambridge on a scale of 1-10 and your answer would be 4 or less, this one is for you! It is designed for those who have not already attended a Cambridge / Oxbridge talk, and we will cover the basics and give you information about next steps for applying.

This is one of our regular webinars. As content is specific to UK students, if you are from outside the UK, please instead register for an international webinar.

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Comments from previous participants:

  • "Kind host, incredibly informative. Especially liked insights on what is expected of a Cambridge student."
  • The section on admissions was especially useful as to what is necessary and not necessary. I would definitely recommend this webinar to anyone who is interested in Cambridge."
  • "All aspects I found very helpful and reassuring about some previous concerns."
  • "Subject researching options on University's website was broken down into locations such as department page, college page, student profiles and so on. I found this very helpful since it looked very confusing and overwhelming before."